Trying to figure out these Animations


I’m trying to figure out these faces but I can’t seem to find them ( I screenshotted these from stories


I know all of them.

Screenshot #1:
The end of flirt_fingersnap

Screenshot #2:
The end of idle_awkward or talk_sheepish

Screenshot #3:
The end of shush.

Number four, I’m not sure…


maybe something like think_rubchin ? idk

  1. It’s talk_neutral


I think she means the male…


Then, talk_think or think_loop


for the second screenshot its for the male on the right and the fourth screen shot i meant the male as well


All of them are the end of animations, but I’m not sure about screenshot four.


It’s either talk_think or think_loop


Sorry for asking my own question on your thread @AlissaNicole
How do you capture the end of an animation?
Sorry if I sound dumb haha. I really like the end of flirt_fingersnap but I don’t know how to capture it…
Sorry again @AlissaNicole x


Let the animation play. :wink:


Sorry for saying sorry three times :fearful:


what do you mean how do i capture the end of an animation?


How though? What command do you use? Again, apologies for being dumb haha…


Do the @CHAR is flirt_fingersnap

You have to wait until the animation is done.


When writing, for me the animations end quickly and I’m really slow lol


what she said lol


can you show me how you write it ?


To be honest, I haven’t used that animation yet… I’m still new.
But I write it as @epi.alyssaa demonstrated above x


You write it as that as well but when a character is talking you use this for example

ALONZO (talk_arms_crossed)
I think we should get going.

ANDREW (talk_shrug)
Yeah why not.

@ALONZO exits right and ANDREW exits right