Trying to figure out these Animations


I’m trying to figure out these faces but I can’t seem to find them ( I screenshotted these from stories

I know all of them.

Screenshot #1:
The end of flirt_fingersnap

Screenshot #2:
The end of idle_awkward or talk_sheepish

Screenshot #3:
The end of shush.

Number four, I’m not sure…

maybe something like think_rubchin ? idk

  1. It’s talk_neutral

I think she means the male…

Then, talk_think or think_loop

for the second screenshot its for the male on the right and the fourth screen shot i meant the male as well

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All of them are the end of animations, but I’m not sure about screenshot four.

It’s either talk_think or think_loop

Sorry for asking my own question on your thread @AlissaNicole
How do you capture the end of an animation?
Sorry if I sound dumb haha. I really like the end of flirt_fingersnap but I don’t know how to capture it…
Sorry again @AlissaNicole x

Let the animation play. :wink:

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Sorry for saying sorry three times :fearful:

what do you mean how do i capture the end of an animation?

How though? What command do you use? Again, apologies for being dumb haha…

Do the @CHAR is flirt_fingersnap

You have to wait until the animation is done.

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When writing, for me the animations end quickly and I’m really slow lol

what she said lol

can you show me how you write it ?

To be honest, I haven’t used that animation yet… I’m still new.
But I write it as @epi.alyssaa demonstrated above x

You write it as that as well but when a character is talking you use this for example

ALONZO (talk_arms_crossed)
I think we should get going.

ANDREW (talk_shrug)
Yeah why not.

@ALONZO exits right and ANDREW exits right