Trying to find a particular Background

So I have this background in my head that I was convinced was an episode background but I can’t find it and it’s annoying me :joy: It’s the exterior of a hospital. It’s the front of the hospital with a big blue H symbol on the building. Was this ever a background? If so does anyone know the name of it or have the background that I could use please? Thanks :smiley:

As far as I know, Episode does not delete any of their backgrounds, so if it is an official background, it should be in the art catalogue. I just checked and it does not seem to be there :frowning: . It might’ve been a custom background uploaded by a user. Do you remember what story you saw this in?

Maybe a background artist made it

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I think it must have been a custom made one then. It did look like an episode one though and I thought I saw it in the catalog. I think it was in the Chain Reaction or Just An Illusion series and a few other stories. I must be mistaken though if it’s not an episode one then this person made it themselves or had it made. Oh well, never mind. Thanks anyway :grin:

Yeah, it’s not showing up in the episode background catalogs then they must of had it made. Thanks anyway :grin:

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No problem

Happy to help! Hopefully you can find the background sometime soon.

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