Trying to find a story!


Hi, I was reading a story lika a year or a year and a half ago, I loved it but now I can’t find it. I know I had it as a favorite but somehow it’s not there anymore. I don’t remember the name of the story or the auther of the story. What I do remember is that the story is in ink, there was a girl who attended school or university. She started seeing her proffessor and they hit it off.

He first didn’t want something romanticly but they got feeling for one another. I remember that he had fawn hair and that hair that is messy and spikey. His name was Aaron and he had a sister, he lived in a exspensive house. Aaron called the girl almoste always by her lastname, like miss (last name) I don’t remember the last name just that it was a little longer.

They ended their relationship by her leaving him in his bed so he woke up alone and could not find her, he then moved to another city to teach. I know that they got back together again after a while because she met him at the new school. He was then seeing another woman but he had no feeling for her. I remember that Aaron askt the girl to marry him on the beach.

I’m sorry for my english it’s not my first laungage. I hope someone knows this story and could help med.
Best regards


Sometimes if the writer of the story stops writing it or they don’t like it (even if its a good story) they will make it were you can not see it by going to there profile and hitting the eye button on there story it removes it from everyone.


I know the story was completed but you are right the author could have removed it from everybody.