Trying to get in episodes

Hi! What is wrong with episodes? I can’t get on it. It started yesterday. It just shows me the artwork of people, and then nothing

Are you talking about the app itself?

Yup the app itself.

Are you saying you can’t get onto a story?

I can’t get onto the app itself. I can’t sign in or anything. It shows me the artwork of people and then nothing.

I’ve had the same issue with logging in. I can’t log into my account via Google. Idk about the artwork part but it’s been happening for a long time. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

But If I uninstall it and install again wouldn’t everything disappear? Like all the stories I saved to read?

It really depends because I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it kept all my read stories, all the progress etc. This was before the logging in issue.

Oh okay. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Okay here is an update! I wanted to wait until episode had their update to see if I still had the problem. So their update was last night and nope still had the problem. So I uninstalled and then installed and I still had all my stuff! Whew! :slight_smile:

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Great!:grin: Happy it’s dealt with.

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Yeah thanks me too!!:wink: