Trying to grow my art Instagram!

I’m trying to grow my art Instagram bell_flowerz I started not that long ago and I’m almost at 100 followers.
So if you follow me ill draw you something!
IMPORTANT :warning:

I’m only doing traditional art! (I know that turns a lot of people off so sorry abt that!)

I will be posting some of these drawings on Instagram!
(I’ll tag you if you want!)

I cannot do side profiles or any complicated poses! (sorry)

PLEASE do not follow then unfollow!

(I’m not the greatest at drawing)

PLEASE keep it in mind I’m only one person so it may take me awhile to do some drawings ( so please be patient!)

Thanks for reading!
Have a amazing day/night!


i have 11.9k followers on ig i could give u a little boost if u want

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That would be amazing!
Tysm! <3

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The drawings are very pretty.:+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you! :heart:

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What!! Your style is so cute :heart_eyes:

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I love the drawings!! I followed! Hoping you reach more than 100 followers bc you deserve it!!

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Thank you sm! :two_hearts::heartbeat:

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Here u go ❤️


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That is so cute and nice!!!:heart_eyes:

Thank you so much!!

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:warning::arrow_up: BIGGEST LIE OF 2021!! :arrow_up: :warning:

I LOVE your art style so much!!

Me running my mouth

As a fellow artist, I know how easy it is to look at your own work and go, “Hmm, I’m not as good as so and so…” or “I’m not the best at…” But what you and I see in our own work is usually completely invisible to other people! Who knows? There could be so many people looking at YOUR art and being like, “Ugh, I wish I could draw like that!” (mebeingoneofthem) If you love art, then don’t stop creating, and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love!!

BTW, Your art is beautiful, and you’ve just gotten a new follower. :blush::blob_hearts:


such beautiful art, i started off drawing like that too i kinda stopped drawing but i do wanna start doing it again i just need the supplies i’ll like to follow you on instagram :blob_hearts:

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Your art is beautiful :heart_eyes::heartbeat: Hope u get more n more followers :heartbeat: I followed u :relaxed::heartbeat:

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No problem!! And thank you for the drawing!! I’ll use it as a PFP & credit u!!

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Thank you. :heart:
I’m very grateful for your kind words

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