Trying to make my character Run instead of Walk


But every time i change it to the correct coding this happens…Any suggestions?


Here is the start coding


Ink or limelight?


Row 30… im not understanding. Im new to this


If you’re writing in ink: There’s no animation like the one you used.
Instead, use run_athletic
just take a look at all the animations that are possible :slight_smile:


From the looks of it it’s ink and you’re using the wrong run code use for instance in my story I have : @HESTIA Walks to spot 1.080 200 150 in 0 AND HESTIA is run_athletic


whats the difference between ink and limelight? I created this on the app and now adjusting on here


How should i write the full command?


Yeah ive used the run athletic but every time i try and adjust the command i get an error. How should the full command be written and where do i place it?


not a lot of difference from what I’ve seen but it’s still easy to mix them up


Can you write out the full command so i can get a feel how they want it please? Like i said im new so this is a very big learning curve for me. I want to put out my story but want it to be perfect


Just to make sure you want your character to have a running animation?


For running you’d put he coding you’ve already got but switch the ‘run animation’ to run_athletic_offset


I don’t understand any of this. If someone could put together some Episode coding for dummies that would probably help. I did what you said @Fae_the_author and now it doesn’t show my character in the scene at all


Found out the correct why. Script is INK not LL. @TriggerWarning was a HUGE help and took the time to figure it out with me