Trying To Place 2 Sounds Together

So I’m trying to place 2 sounds after one another but when I do so it says this.
Screenshot 2022-06-19 7.12.36 PM

I also tried adding the sound before the next dialogue I had but it didn’t work so I took it out. So I don’t know if it’s the earlier dialogue.

Here is the script:

Does anyone know the issue? And what I should do to fix this?

Add a volume command between the two and it should work for you.

sound door_creak
volume sound 100
sound door_close


My go to random “filler” code that does nothing but allow the script to go on is @speechbubble reset or &reset hsl in 0 if you don’t have filters :+1:t2:


Thanks! I’ll try that right now!

Thank you! I don’t think I added any filters though but I’ll check again

I tried it and it still says the same thing

Oh wait nvm! I figured it out! I had to add the same volume command to the sound door_close to! Lol

Thanks for the tip! :grin:

Thanks for the tip also! :hearts:

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