Trying to remember a outfit choice?

Trying to remember an outfit choice so when the MC changes into a different outfit I can use the correct jewelry from the previous outfit. I’m currently using the arrows dressing game template from Dara so it has a point system, I just don’t know how to code it.

Help still needed. :sob:

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@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

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i gotchu, this is from one of my dressing game arrow templates

if (SERENITY =1){
@SERENITY changes into Serenity_Turtle neck dress down jacket
}elif (SERENITY =2){
@SERENITY changes into Serenity_Blazer Blue true High waisted pants
}elif (SERENITY =3){
@SERENITY changes into Serenity_crop strap top High waisted pants

try changing it into ur character’s name and ur outfits name

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So you might notice how after each outfit, there’s a point added -
@CHARACTER = some number.

If you don’t already have point system involved, you can use what @/ryder14 did or you could use another character and do the same thing.

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Or if you’re a visual learner, here’s what I mean

The points were set in episode 3 which would later carry on into episode 4 (which is from the screen shot)
Depending how many outfits it is there may be more of the elif options. If it just the 3 options then it’d be if/elif/else
You want the numbers to match for it to work perfectly

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Okay, thank you so much for the help!