Trying to stay organized with too many choices - caret placement

The last couple of chapters I’ve written have over 10 thousand lines because of the complex choices I decided to write up. I don’t regret this, especially considering how nice and customizable it makes things in these chapters. One example I have is the one I’ve been working on for a week now, where there are four choices, and each one of the choices are four, long, different scenes. Some scenes are the same or very similar in other branches.

I have the scene written AFTER all four of the choices play out. It isn’t dependent on any choice at all, but you can put brackets around something even if it isn’t a choice. That helps for keeping organized, too. So you can literally put all of your scenes in brackets whether or not they’re choices.

To stay organized, it really helps to close the brackets {} using the arrows at the beginning and end of each bracket. BUT I figured something out just now.

For a couple days, I keep going back and editing some stuff in one of the choices before the fourth choice. So to stay organized, I’ll close the fourth choice and the text that happens after all four choices are played through. With all the stuff I’m not editing is closed, and I’m editing something in the middle, I notice the caret will set itself in the most random places.

So, I have a bunch of lines with directing like:

&spot direct



So on so forth, but if I want to edit any of these lines, or even type in between or after/before any of them, my caret will appear to remain static at the beginning of these lines. Sometimes, it’ll appear in the center, no matter WHERE I click on the line. I can click before the symbols, & or @, and my caret will be AFTER the word pause everytime. It was really irritating me, because I could never truly tell WHERE my caret was.

Example of random caret placement when I click ANYWHERE on the line

&spot |direct



Sometimes, I found that the caret would actually think it was where it appeared to be, I’d start typing and it would disrupt right in the middle. Sometimes, it was always at the beginning or end, no matter where it appeared to be. It was random EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Well, I did a bit of quick experiments, and thought that I was only noticing it when I closed all these brackets, I opened all my brackets again and the problem disappeared! Caret was behaving normal.

What it was doing was appearing at the end of the line it LAST had on the same spot vertically, the number didn’t even matter. XD

Moral of the story is, if you have a bunch of choices and use a bunch of brackets either for the choices or for remembering choices or just to try and stay organized, TRY to do everything chronologically to avoid this head ache as much as possible.

And if your caret is doing weird stuff, that might be why. XDXD