Trying to write a story but cant get past commands

I have watched tutorials and videos on you tube but i feel like i get an error on everything i cant get past a paragraph. Cannot get my character on screen with the clothes i want… cant get thoughts to show up in just a box with characters name only shows as word bubble. i dont feel like it should be this hard…what am I doing wrong?

Let’s take a deep breath first! :slight_smile:
Coding is a bit confusing at the very beginning but we are here to help!

For changing characters:
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

Thought bubbles

Dialogue bubbles
I like it!

Thanks for your response… You can tell I’m frazzled…sorry! It just makes me feel dumb I cant figure things out quickly. I hope I can get the hang of it.

You will! We all been the same when we first started! Just ask away if you have more questions :grin:


It doesn’t seem to recognize any of my outfits…do they need to be saved a certain way?
Also can there be a narration box with the characters name ? so for when he isnt dialoging or having a thought bubble? so sorry to bother you!

It’s fine! Yes, you have to create an outfits and save them in outfit section.

For narrator speech:

For narrator speech with a name of character

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: