Tryjng to figure out how to do this


Trying to figure out how to do these. Does anyone know?


For the first one I think that you need overlays.
And for the second one you need to make the scale negative when using spot directing:
For example:
@CHARACTER spot -1.280 100 0


The second one seems understandable also the first one what kind of overlays?


For the first one you can make a background and upload it and then use it as a normal background and put here in it. xxx


ahh i see. well thank you so much for helping me!!


NP If you need a background i can make it …


I’ll keep that in mind!


I dont make backgrounds but i do make covers and that is a sort of a cover …


This is an overlay.

She used the normal background and used layers and uploaded this overlay (probably changed the opacity too)


how do i do that


I would go for a background much easier.


you need an overlay like this, some kinda wave or something. Then move character on the back to layer -1, overlay to layer 1 and front character to layer 2


I’m still kind of confused… :sweat::sweat_smile:


That blue flash/blur between the 2 characters is an overlay. The male character is at a lower layer than the overlay which puts him behind it, and the female is at a higher layer than the overlay which puts her in front of it.


but how do i even do that


Find and upload your own overlay and add it to the scene: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS