TT's Animated Intro request thread [IT'S CLOSED PALS]


Oh well here we are.


  • Choose the music and sound effects from the sound & music section
  • Tell me your story plot (I prefer it more if it has powers)
  • What kind of intro you want
  • The meaning of this intro, if you can’t think of anything I’ll help you
  • How fast you need it
  • Do you want something like Wall blows up with a grenade then the title appears or something like all characters side by side and doing poses?

Reply with all of the questions please, let’s not make the thread messy :blush:


that is my sign ok


Do you have any examples?


For characters lining up, I have this!

I did this for myself, but I was really new at this stuff, I’m better now :joy:


Pretty much all my stories have intros, you can check the first seconds of them for a visual experience :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


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(I hope its ok if i didn’t put a lot of detail)
I didn’t decide the sound yet because i am not sure what I want.
The story is about a girl that is in love with her best friends brother and they go threw a lot until they finally live together.
I couldn’t think of that much I just want the intro to have stars.
I want it next week if possible.


How about stars and clouds moving? And them holding hands?


Yeah, great idea :smile:


I’ll need their details :wink:



here you go!

  1. Music: music_sadguitar_lp

  2. Romance/Crime: I Haven’t Chosen An Exact Plot Yet, But I Was Thinking Something Along The Lines Of A Girl Who Is Just Starting The Rest Of Her Life (College) And She’ll Eventually Meet A Man That Seems Like He’s Perfect Except He’s Being Framed For Multiple Accounts Of Murder. (I’m Sorry This Probably Isn’t Your Preferred Genre)

  3. I Was Thinking Of Something Maybe Similar To The Intro Of Adrenaline, But Preferably The Baby Project Where The Student Is Walking Down The Hallway With A Bunch Of High School Kids In The Hall (Maybe Something Bad Could Happen Toward The End Of The Intro Like The Boy Getting Arrested? ~ This May Be Too Complex, Lol Sorry.)

  4. I Need Help With This.

  5. Take Your Time :grinning:

  6. Something Like A Wall Blows Up With A Grenade.

*Thank You In Advance And I Understand If You Don’t Accept My Request :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I would love it if you can make me an Animated Intro! My story is INK btw. Thank you so much!
I’m not really sure about the meaning so, you can choose whatever you see fit. Thanks again!

Character #1

This girl has Fire powers
Male/Female: Female
Skin tone: Tan
Mouth: Classic
Mouth color: Rose
Nose: Soft Natural
Eye: Upturned Bold
Eye color: Green
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Face shape: Oval
Hairstyle: Straight
Hair color: Black
Outfit: Doesn’t matter try to make it badass
Pose: some sort of pose with fire in her hands

Character #2

Male/Female: Male
Skin tone: Caramel
Mouth: Uneven
Mouth color: Terracotta
Nose: Button
Eye: Classic Round
Eye color: Green
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Face shape: Diamond
Hairstyle: Short Cropped Hair
Hair color: Auburn
Outfit: Something with a leather Jacket
Pose: Arms Crossed

Character #3

Male/Female: Male
Skin tone: Caramel
Mouth: Uneven
Mouth color: Terracotta
Nose: Button
Eye: Classic Round
Eye color: Blue
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Face shape: Diamond
Hairstyle: Spiked
Hair color: Black
Outfit: Red Stripped Shoes, Dantes Pants and Green Beach Boy Linen Shirt
Pose: flirt_shy

Character #4

Male/Female: Female
Skin tone: Caramel
Mouth: Classic
Mouth color: Cherry Red
Nose: Soft Natural
Eye: Upturned Feline
Eye color: Green
Hairstyle: Rebel Half Shaved
Hair color: Chestnut
Outfit: Bohemian Outfit Printed Dress, Gold Pendant Necklace, Black High Tops
Pose: flirt_wink

Character #5

Male/Female: Female
Skin tone: Tan
Mouth: Full
Mouth color: Scarlet
Nose: Roman
Eye: Downturned Natural
Eye color: Blue
Hairstyle: Braid Crown Updo
Hair color: Cayenne
Outfit: Merlot Full Ballgown, Royal Crown Queen, Red Chunky Necklace
Pose: arms_crossed_angry


Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s an arrogant jerk and has no compassion. Aria gets sent to another dimension where she is participating to become a royal lady. Along the way she discovers her power and how her fate is to save the kingdom and stop the Queen.


I’d like to get this as soon as possible,!


I’d prefer the music: dark_dance


What is your story title?


It’s: Girl Of Deception


Thank you!


It’s In a starry night


Title of story: He’s My Poison
Music: music_carefreegroove
Story plot: The MC has a perfect life until she cheats on her boyfriend. A girl sees and threatens her, so the MC is forced to give up everything in fear of her secret being released.
I kind of want an intro just showing the title.
I don’t know the meaning.
I’d like it as soon as possible, but take your time because I don’t need it for a while.
I want like a bottle of poison tipping over and then a green liquid pouring out and then the words of the title fall down and maybe bounce a little like in Trophy Wife and just like one word after another very quickly.
And then could the words “This story contains mature themes and strong language.” fade in and out, then “This story uses sound, turn up your volume!” fade in and out?

Thank you so much! I saw one of your examples for Kaleidoscopic and it was amazing!


Thank you to those whom requested.



Hello! I’ve done your request!

Here’s the link.

I’ll be PMing you the overlays and background!