Turn a background into PNG

hiya! so, i have this background and whenever i try to convert it as PNG the quality turns out to be extremely horrible and i can’t use it bc it really sucks. so maybe anyone knows a better site or a program that i could use or something i’d be very grateful :,) thanks! (i usually just type in on google turn JPG into PNG but idk why w this background the quality just sucks)


I’m pretty sure the image it self is horrible quality. Plus the image looks really small.

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This is the original image :smiley:

you just saved my life ;-; i also noticed that the image was so small but idk it could be from my pc or something. thank you so much!

No problem <3

maybe the issue is really the image itself…? because it just turns to be so small on the portal and eventually ruins all the quality : |

Imma try it myself

Try this one
And resize it in episode

It worked for me and make sure you name the file different just in case you mix it up

(Also the image is usually smaller in the overlay preview thing :smiley: you just need to resize it in the actual portal, just in case u didn’t know)

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i seriously don’t know what you did or how but- it’s all good now! thanks <333

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Glad I was useful :3