Turn night into day?!


I really need this photo turned into day and I am having a lot of issues with it!! Any artists with better resources than me that can do that? :smiley:


Lol I tried :joy::sob:


where did u get this background? @kaylaashleyjackson


I just checked and found the background on Pinterest. If that’s where you got it from, it’d be better if you didn’t use it (and the one I edited), as it is unclear whether it is free for public use or not. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


If its from pinterest id suggest not using it, i could try create something similar or i could try to find a similar background free for use :heart:



I found this one free for use, i can turn it night and get rid of the bottom strip. Its 100% free for use from pixabay.com


Its an episode background @kaylaashleyjackson Its 100% useable.


Ah ok, I just wanted to check xx


Yeah Its hidden but they still let you use it.


AH. Thank you for clearings it up xx


I actually edited a bunch of stuff out and made it my own after posting this. So all I’m using is the house and pool. I made my own fence and no city background, took out a lot of plants and furniture, etc. Thanks anyways!


Thank you!


Thanks but this one is free.