"Turn up your volume! This story has sound!"

I was listening to the array of sounds and music that are provided for our use on the platform when a question came to mind.

When you’re reading a story and the author reminds to crank up the volume, what do you usually do? Whichever option you choose, please feel free to elaborate further and explain your choice down below.

  • I turn up my volume
  • I do not turn up my volume
  • I usually listen to my own music instead

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I generally leave my phone on silent, so it’s good to have the heads up to switch the sound on, especially if it’s a story that’s enhanced by sound effects.

It’s so disconcerting when a character suddenly stops in the middle of their house for an uncomfortably long period of time… and then they go and answer the door and you realize there must have been the sound of a doorbell ringing that you missed.


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