Turning a background into a night one

Hey guys! Would someone be kind enough to turn this bg into a night version please?


I will :blush:

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Thank you😊

Do you want the lights on? :thinking:
Here’s it dark
Hope this helps :smile:

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Yes could you put the lights on pleae

Or would I have to use a lights overlay?

I’ll put them on if u want?

Yes please, thank you so much!

Dim :

If you wouldn’t mind could ya credit me

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Thank you so much! And ofc I will❤️

Ty!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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hey sorry, but is this the right dimensions? it doesn’t let me upload it :frowning:

I could change it if you wanted me to
I just used the one you gave me :thinking:

I think everytime I upload an image from my phone it goes to some weird dimensions

I think i’ll be able to change them let me just check