Turning background to PNG

Hey you guys, i’m trying to make this background an overlay while it stays in the same size without it being pixelated can someone please help me or tell me the website they use?



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Thank you but It didn’t work because it very pixelated

Because the picture you had was already pretty pixilated. Hard to make the quality better.

I converted using click here

uh, hope that works if not I made myself look dumb LOL

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this should look better
it might be too big to upload as an overlay though, in which case its gonna be hard to make it not look pixelated at all

It shouldn’t be pixelated I got it from the art catalog not the picture you posted since that one was very small, I think it looks exactly the same as the one from the art catalog

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Nope it didn’t work for some reason :sob: it said it was too big

yeah but it’s too big to upload to the art catalog

Nevermind it worked you guys, Thank you