Turtle Cat’s Outline Contest 3


That’s gorgeous, Maria! I love it so much. You did an outstanding job.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Joining @Maria.StoryWritter


Can i do both outlines if I want?


Sure! One outline counts as one entry though.:blush:


Okay, I’ll just pick one. :blue_heart:





Lovely outline I’m so joining



Can we do both outline @Turtle_Cat


Of course!
That counts as both of your entries though.:slightly_smiling_face:


Or okay kool btw the outlines look amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: did you draw them sorry if I might be a lil off topic


Thank you so much!
No no, it’s fine. Not as bad as my last thread.:roll_eyes: Yep! I drew them and colored them.:blush:


Your very welcome
And that’s a relief lol
As for the outline your work has gotten better


Thank you so much! you’ve been gone a little while so I had time to practice.:grin:


Thank you for tagging me :slight_smile:
I’ll do it, Laytis.


Lol that’s nice :sunglasses::sunglasses::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hey! I’ try to join. :heart: Laytis


My entry! LAYTIS

I Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Oh that’s really cuteeeeeee!! I love the lips!:heart_eyes::blush::+1:t5:


Thank you, im so glad that you like it :heart_eyes:.
Purple and pink is my favorite colors :blush:.


I’m joining Laytis
Here’s my entry x