Turtle Cat’s Outline Contest 3


I know only one count but wanted to color in both outlines. :blush:


@Turtle_Cat am I allowed to change the color of ur watermark?


Yes! That’s allowed. As long as it’s still my watermark.:grin:


Ok tysm!!


Oh for fudge sakes - what did I do to this poor model…




laytis <3


Oh the adorable cuteness of Lavender and Volcana’s romance :hugs::blush::heart::heart:


I love them both! Such perfect couples! I can’t pick between Gael and Elijah, they’re both :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: oh so bad but so good :grin::joy:


There is that, and the car racing is a huge plus for me, but Elijah is a head weapons dealer and that temper of his gets me everyone he’s so dangerous but so loyal and loving under that tough shell, I’ll make it simple and have both :grin::grin:

Apologies for the off topic :joy:


Don’t fight me… you’ll lose honey :wink::joy:


:joy::joy::rofl::joy: I’ll end it now, this could go on a while otherwise.
But beautiful entry!


Thanks! :joy::joy:


Sorry for being off topic but what story is this?


Hunting Bad by Hope Moon
Both are frickin AWESOME!! :heart::heart:



Oh hunny.

Loving Latino and hunting bad,

the best one is loving Latino.


oh lol I’ve seen those in the app but never read


I read them at the same time :joy::joy: they do make you cry, when Gael was in the hospital it was breaking me, but same with Sila, seeing Elijah so hurt :sob::sob:


Nope I don’t usually have sound on it irritates me :joy:


@Toxic.Dreams and @Cheyara_episode58, please don’t fill this thread up with off topic reply again. I don’t want it to close again for this reason. Please discuss this via pm. Thank you.


Bump :grin:


I did both. Hope they are okay. They aren’t the best because I didn’t shade the clothes. However I just feel like they are perfect the way they are. Idk I don’t make since and I’m gonna shut up now.