Turtle Cat’s Outline Contest 3


Yay! The more the merrier.
The deadline is January 11th.


Ok great. Thank you! :blush:


my entry I’m so nervous istg haha


Laytis ig (think that’s the pass since she just said it :slight_smile: )


Am I entered? Haha.


Hehe. Yes you are!:grin:




Thank you! :heart:


I’m almost done with it, but how many times can we enter? Or can we re-enter at all?


You may enter 2 times! But one outline counts as one entry.


She looks deathly pale on a computer, but on my phone her skin colour looks much better… Oof Dee Doo. This bitch needs sun thoo!


I’m going to enter again :slight_smile:



Laytis again :slight_smile:


That’s pretty! Good job!




Idk why but this reminds me of Ariel from the little mermaid :joy:



Decide to enter last minute but I cba to colour all of it - don’t come for me…

Hope you don’t mind that I altered it slightly - ignore the countless mistakes I am just now seeing. :woman_shrugging:



That’s super cute!
Thanks for entering!


Today is the last day to enter! Winners will be decided tomorrow! Tagging people again:

@Rac5hel @Cassandra_Dean @Teahwalker @Malukah @Bethany1 @Maria.StoryWritter @MagixQueenie @fcukforcookies @fluffyrice @ChayChay @Lunar_Rose @PerplexedJam @jassie12dw @AuthorMDWrites @Itz_Emily @Aims.Episode @Raybadem @Killerfrost @Sophbee @areyouaqueen @frvnces @epsd.ama @estherdekker @CaelaM @sofia2 @_Nasia @Silver_Shadow @jenna1012 @Penny2 @katiel @UltimaW @xox_heatherann @PrettyEri @Emi664 @TheCreepyNun @Lavender13 @Bumble_Bee @Jossu @Mouse.Episode @RainbowCat @Queen_K @SophiaM @LHT @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @Dark.Epy @Rowan2 @Bubblegum1 @Gabi.Epi @zoe4564 @xApplex @Daniela96 @R.es.Story @Adam.Epy @abygail.bauman @AmeliaEpisode
Thank you so much!