Turtle Cat’s Profile Pic Contest!

Hello, my lovelies! It’s your favorite Turtle here. I’m so happy you clicked on this thread because I’ve been wanting to make it for a long time! Anyways, I finally did and I really hope you join and enjoy!:heart:

Anyways, now that the introduction is in order, welcome to my pfp contest! Brought to you by yours truly. Basically, this is a contest for making me a pfp for my Instagram!Haha, don’t this this fanart you made me is getting used up so quickly @MagixQueenie. I love it!

Firstly, before all the replies, let’s get some stuff straight:


  • No, absolutely NO drama. Ever see an angry turtle? I don’t think you want to.
  • Not too many off topic ness. I know we can all get off topic sometimes, I do the same. I also know how to stop, please do the same.
  • If you don’t like me, don’t join. Let’s save the drama.:wink:
  • You can enter however many times you would like!
  • No stealing, tracing or discrediting without the true artist’s permission. This is an important one.
  • Watermark your entries, please.
  • Try your best! I love you guys so much and I would also love to see your best entries!
  • Artist’s pieces will be credited if they win! I promise!
  • Have fun! That’s a rule. You have to follow by the rules. You have to have fun!:joy::joy: I’m so cringy.


So, here are my details for the pfp! You may choose whatever outfit you want, just don’t make me look like a hoe.:wink: I’m talking to you @TheCreepyNun and @phlegmatic.

Skin: Dark
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Messy Pixie
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Round Bold
Eyes Color: Purple
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic
Lips Color: Scarlet

Skin: Neutral 08
Brow: Arched Natural
Brow Color: Jet Black
Hair: Short Pixie
Hair Color: Black Dark
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide
Eye Color: Brown Dark
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lips Color: Deep Rose

I wear glasses, but you don’t have to put them! If you do, I usually do the Black Hipster Glasses.

To have a better chance of winning, check out my profile to see what I like! I just hope I have enough info.:sweat:

Close up of me if wanted.


I’ve decided that there will be two winners!

1st place: Gets a drawn edit of choice, max of 2 characters, free story review, and a follow, spam of likes, and shoutout on Instagram. And I set it as my pfp on Insta of course.
2nd place: Gets a drawn edit of choice, max of one person, spam of likes and follow on Insta.




@Rac5hel @Teahwalker @Silver_Shadow @ChayChay @Malukah @Cassandra_Dean @Rowan2 @Bethany1 @anj @PerplexedJam @Silver_Shadow @Maria.StoryWritter @Dark.Epy @R.es.Story @KatieI @_Nasia @phlegmatic @TheCreepyNun @xApplex @teatime @Forever1201 @Killerfrost @UltimaW @Arwen_Episode @inkkee @A.C.epi @mindy_epsiode @sofia2 @keiji @granolias @puma (thank you so much for that comment on Insta btw.:blush:) @MysteryMaker @SophiaM @fcukforcookies @Sophbee @Gamer_Gurl @Queen_K @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @Toxic.Dreams @abygail.bauman @AuthorMDWrites @jenna1012 @Jayl @purplerosewrites @Daniela96 @EVL.Daisy @Raybadem @estherdekker @zoe4564 @PropertyofNae @frvnces @Mouse.Episode @Addivi101 @valeria.episode @lanafrazer_episode

I’m sorry if I tagged you and you aren’t interested… please forgive me…
I’m also sorry if you weren’t tagged and were interested… please forgive me as well…

But don’t forget to tag others and have some fun! Good luck to you all!:+1:t5:


Sorry I cant even do outlines or edits at all but good luck


Lol you tagged everyone I would have :joy:

I’m joining :two_hearts:

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Joining. :slight_smile:

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Can I join even if I was not tagged?

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Thanks I’ll get to work on it. :blush:

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I’m pretty sure your just saying that! Have more faith in yourself!
But it’s you choice.:heart:

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When is the deadline? Also :grin: Limelight info please. You know I am differently joining. :kissing_heart:

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@keiji, @Bethany1, @appleqrl, thank so much for joining! I really appreciate it!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The deadline is February 21st! But it will be extended if needed!
I’ll edit the post for LL deets rn.


Hah on my birthday.:joy: Ok, thanks. I will do both styles :hugs:

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Oml, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Can’t wait till your b day!
Thanks so much for entering!

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I’ve tried watched vids on yt from people here have done tutorial but nothing helps…Hope you get a good pfp

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I’m definitely joining, thanks for the tag! :grin:

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Just edited!

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Oh thank you so much!:sob::sob::sob:


Bruh I am ze offended lol



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Omg I would love to enter but I have so much that I HAVE to do atm and I keep procsstinating and not keeping up with the things I have to do :sweat_smile: But if I have some free time I would love to enter! :revolving_hearts:

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