Turtle Cat's Outline Contest! WINNERS ANNOUNCED


Hello my lovelies! I see you found your way to this thread! Welcome to my first outline contest!

-No mean or rude comments about other’s art or anything.
-Be original
-@Kalizzza cannot enter because she made me the beautiful outline and the example. Sorry, girl. Still love you.
-No plagiarizing

I’d prefer you make her my skin tone so it will resemble me, but this is your project, do whatever you want!:blush:


1st place:

  • Spam of likes
  • I set it as my profile picture with credit
  • Follow on the Episode App
  • Free (quick) cover and/or splash (optional)
  • Honest review with feedback of your story (optional)
  • A major role in my INK story (optional) (showing up in multiple episodes)
  • Follow on my Insta (If not following you already) and a shoutout.

2nd place:

  • Spam of likes
  • Follow on the Episode App
  • Free (quick) splash (optional)
  • Minor role in my INK story (optional) (showing up in flashbacks. One of MC’s friends back in the day :joy:)
  • Follow on Insta

3rd place:

  • Spam of likes
  • Follow on the Episode app

Other participants:

  • Spam of likes

People I think might be interested:
Know anyone else that might be interested? Tag them, too!

Deadline of Entry is October 9 (My Dad’s birthday!)

I’m excited to see what you guys come up with! Tell me if you’re entering. Good Luck!:heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::heart:


Can someone create an outline for me?
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I need outlines help help help :D

I’d like to enter (although I’m not an artist, and probably won’t get into the first free. I just love colouring lately :joy: )


I’ll enter.


I will!


If I have time, I’ll enter :slight_smile:


I’ll enter! <3


I’m so entering I have an outline contest obsession


I’d love to enter I miss still new to digital art but I would love to give it a go.


ENTERING! Please remember to tag me at contests :heart:


not that good at digital art but ill enter :joy:


Do you happen to have a transparent png of this? (I’m to lazy to erase the white areas lol)


Sorry, I think the point of this contest is for you to do this yourself and see what you come up with. Sorry…:sweat_smile:


Alright, it’s fine :3

hours of erasing coming right up lol


Thanks. It’ll hopefully all be worth it.


I’m done! I did it!



I’ll enter.


I Might enter


Of course!


I’ll enter!


I want to do it thank you for the tag :blue_heart::blue_heart::blush: