Turtle’s Art Mood Board + DTIYS Contest!

Hello everyone!! It’s me, your favorite turtle here. I’m back with another contest! Yes, another one. I bet you guys are tired of these by me… but this one is gonna be one of my serious ones! One where I actually FINISH all the prizes for the winners. I promise I will be responsible, so I really hope you enter and enjoy!
Before getting to all the details of the contest, we must go through the basics including rules and conditions of both contests.

RULES please read all

  • No stealing, tracing (other people’s works) or plagiarism. It is not acceptable and will result is permanent suspension from all of my contests I hold in the future.
  • Make sure to be creative and don’t take ideas! How entries are judged will be below :point_down:t5:
  • BE APPROPRIATE this applies to both the mood board and DTIYS. There are many things you could do with this contest, don’t make it back. This mean no nudity, sexual content, abuse, racism, drugs, rape, suicide, excessive profanities, etc. you get what I mean.
  • Your entries: these entries must be drawn if you are using an Episode character. No edited characters. Of course you can use your art as well.
  • Please add the password with your entry not when you’re asking for a mood board or abt the DTIYS: Galaxy
  • No hate.
  • Ik we all get side tracked sometimes on threads, but let’s try to keep this one on topic :3
  • FOR THE DTIYS: If you post your part anywhere, you must add the fact that it was my edit first. You may add the original piece but still must acknowledge that it’s my edit.
  • MOOD BOARD: just say that it was my mood board contest, that’s all I ask :grin:
  • Don’t rush me with the prizes. i’M aCTuaLlY DoInG tHEM tHiS tImE
  • you may enter either or both of the contests. But you will only get ONE mood board and the DTIYS stays the same.
  • NO STEALING MY TAGS IF I FIND OUT I WILL ASK YOU TO REMOVE THEM some ppl don’t want to be tagged in everything.
  • For either contest, it may be in any style. Episode, traditional, anime, retro, etc. doesn’t matter.
  • if you need an extension, please ask! It may not be a big one since the deadline is kinda far
  • Follow all the rules

Now that we have that over with, let’s go into the details why don’t we!


Just in case you don’t know, DTIYS stands for
Draw this in your style!!


There will be an art piece given. You will have to draw this piece again, but in your own way. It’s basiclly just redrawing something but with your own little twist so it looks like your own style!

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for… The piece you will be redrawing in your style…
drumroll please :drum::drum::drum::drum:

Model is @Neptune Her deets are in her profile if you need them.

You may change things like the pose, expressions, hair style, and background, but the key components must be there like the galaxy hair, character deets (or character in itself), flower and outfit. This art piece is only bust up, so if you want to do a bigger piece to include more of the character, it’s to your imagination.




You will comment a number 1-11 to receive your mood board and you will need to create an edit/drawing based off that mood board. A pallet will be in the mood board, that’s to help you but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. I will pm you your mood board. If you do not like it, sorry. You can still enter the DTIYS if ya want.

You may put you may put you mood board with you entry if you would like but use the “Hide Details” feature on the board.

Most mood boards are inspired by @Killerfrost


For DTIYS AND MOOD BOARD: (depending on how many people enter for each, there will be four winners. But if not many people enter it will may change to 1 for DTIYS and 2 for the mood board it really is dependent)
1st place: episode edit (multiple of 2 characters, waist up) + a follow on my Instagram + spam of likes
2nd place Edit of your, your friend, or who ever you want. (1 person, waist up) + follow + spam of likes

Examples of my work

Also the galaxy haired girl above.

Judging entries whole is going to pick winners will be less from quality but more for creativity and how well and original your idea was. Yes, quality will still be a component but not as big of an aspect as originality


@MelanieyM (I tagged you yes!) @eilyk @Epi.milkyway @Problematic_Patrick @Cassandra_Dean @SkyM @keiji @Shuka @Epi.milkyway @Epi_Info @Jayl @Luio @phlegmatic @inkkee @anime @ArtisticWaffle @Turtle_Cat @abygail.bauman @LiyahxWrites @AMagic @LanaAugustine @sofia2 @Shadow666 @MysteryMaker @Cocoa_bean23 @Bridi @_haruka @xApplex @Wingsoffire @lvqbrl @xetic @writerren @Cami_epy @Fernanda2 @yikko @Epiexpert @kansas @k.w.episode @Linlin330 @PropertyofNae @purplerosewrites @Eva_Diva1 @CD_Erugo
Yes, you may enter if you weren’t tagged, these were just all the ones I could think of. Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged and sorry if I didn’t tag you.

DEADLINE: November 1st.

This gives you almost one month to work on your entries!
Have fun and I hope you enjoy! (If you have any questions ask below, I’ll get to them as soon as I can)


Eyyyyyy, yayyyyy!!!
Mood board 3 please?

I still have to work on my entries on some contests, buttt- I can squeeze im some time for this one :joy: I had to join! :Sob;

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I’m gonna enter!! Mood board number 11 plz

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i’ll have mood board 9 <3

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Tysm for the tag! Joining

Mood board 7 please!

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For some reason I like reading contest rules :upside_down_face: oop going off topic already

Idk if I’ll enter yet cuz I’m still lazy and I suck but mood board 6 :pensive::love_you_gesture:t5:

November 1th? :smirk:

Also I love how everyone forgot rule 5 sisoaoskwksos


I would like to join the mood board contest hun!


Pallete 5 please.

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1th yep. That’s the deadline :wink: as sksks for real. I’ll silently wheez in my bed until they realize the rule sksksks

Sksks @yikko hahaha it’s fine

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Please read all the rules ppl!

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Ooooo fun! Mood board 3 please :dizzy:

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Mood board 2 please



Look at you go turtle!! So proud of you :joy::clap:t5: Thanks for the tag! Mood board 11 please!

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