Tutorial: Backgrounds Day To Night and Day to Dusk/Dawn

I’ve got no clue whether or not this is the right place, but I feel it’s worth posting anyways. Just like many others I’m struggling to get day backgrounds to night and sometimes dusk/dawn. But here’s Cat to the rescue with 9 simple steps.

  1. Open the background you want to edit in Paint.
  2. Resize 1 zone backgrounds to 852x1136 pixels and 2/3 zone backgrounds to 1515x1136 pixels (don’t forget to uncheck ‘maintain aspect ratio’)
  3. Go to this website. Or for Day-to-Night click here. Day-to-Dusk and Day-to-Dawn.
  4. Upload the resized background from your computer.
  5. Click right on the image, hit ‘Save & Share’, then ‘Download’. The image opens in a new tab.
  6. Click right again and click ‘Save image as’. Save it somewhere.
  7. Open the downloaded background with Paint.
  8. Resize 1 zone backgrounds to 640x1136 pixels, 2 zone backgrounds to 1280x1136 pixels and 3 zone backgrounds to 1920x1136 pixels (don’t forget to uncheck ‘maintain aspect ratio’).
  9. Upload to Episode.

This works for all exterior backgrounds; since it adds a moon it looks - in my eyes - a little weird when using interior backgrounds.