Tutorial for making night versions of the background

HEY! I have been writing a story and it’s hard to find backgrounds with both night and day versions.
I think most of us face this problem . So if anyone knows about the editing stuff please share the

tutorial on how to edit night version of a background

. THANK YOU ! .:purple_heart::sparkles:


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Personally, I dislike seeing a character walking across a night background in full regular colour… they look too bright to be somewhere dark (unless lights are on)… SO, the way I make my backgrounds night, is to change any window views to night (easily done on any editing app, like ibis paint, by selecting that area and editing it to night.) Then sometimes adjusting the saturation and contrast of the day background, but ultimately painting a black screen over the whole thing, then adjusting the opacity down until it looks about right for it to pass as being night (with or without lights) and save the background seperately to the black screen which I then use as an overlay in the portal and place over my characters when they are on screen. Works with all backgrounds this way and adds an ambience without it being too heavy like filters can be.


I don’t know how to make night background but I’ve used a little trick which might be helpful for you. If you will go to overlay there is EFFECT DIM 60 which will dim the screen making it appear as night. So it can be a solution if you don’t want to edit each and every background in night and day version.
Ig changing the number 60 into 50, 30, 70 may also change the intensity of the effect. I am not sure about it but you can try

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This seems easy ! Thanks for your help :blob_hearts:

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I tried this ! Really helps and is not time consuming . Thanks for your assistance :blob_hearts:

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I am glad I could help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, I’ve been editing backgrounds for my stories for years, also “day to night” and vice versa. If you need some specific background edited I could do it :slight_smile: Just pm me

What I do in an editing program (GIMP) is:

  • Cut out the day-sky or windows
  • Paint over the image with a “royal blue” color at ca. 15% opacity
  • Set the lightness to 0 and set the contrast a little higher
  • Put in a night sky/background


Oh ! that’s really sweet of you. Yes I need a background done i’ll pm you .

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