Tutorial on how to make art scenes?

Does anyone know if there are any tutorials on how to do artscenes out there? It’s my first story so I don’t want to ask anyone else to do it since I don’t even know if someone is going to read it… But I need an art scene because there’s no animation for what I need sooo… Does anyone know a tutorial?


Well, there is not tutorial. Art is not a program you can install and use, it’s time, sweat and love. If you don’t have it in you, its not so easy to learn but there is still hope. Creating an art scene requires time and it’s not easy.

I am sorry but no tutorial will help you.

Btw I am sure many people will read your story.

If you really want an art scene you can contact artists that take commissions (paid) or requests (free).

Feel free to PM me for more info :heart:

You can get a custom pose if there’s no animation. Otherwise, there isn’t really a tutorial. You can try something edited.

if you’re looking for more of a custom/edited pose I could possibly help?

I’m sorry but could you explain me what a custom pose is and how it works? :sweat_smile:

A custom pose is giving an editor your character’s details and they basically change it to a custom pose.

If you want to know what they look like, check out a shop, they should have some really good ones.

hey! someone already explained but here’s some examples!


once you make them, you can upload them to the writers portal and animate them how you’d like :))
they aren’t necessary but they make the story a lot cooler!

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Go to proko on youtube. He teaches about the human body and poses

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Thank you :kissing_smiling_eyes: