Tv-Series\Anime Fan Club 😸

This goes out to all the fellow crazy tv-series fans just like myself… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Here we can all discuss our favorite series, and fangirl about the best shows ever! :rofl:
So here’s a list of my favorite tv-series of all time…

  • Supernatural - Pretty Little Liars - Breaking Bad - Once Upon a Time - 13 Reasons Why - Riverdale - Stranger Things - The 100 -

And anime fans are welcome too. DUH! Here’s a list of my favorite animes…

  • Attack on Titan - Death Note - Black Butler - Free! - Angel Beats - Clannad - Tokyo Ghoul - Parasyte - Magi - Food Wars - Another - Charlotte - Maid Sama! - (Alright that’s quite enough :sweat_smile:)

And now, go wild. :smirk:


Supernatural! :heart:

Will always be my number 1 :see_no_evil:

Who’s your favourite character? And what season are you on? :deer::chipmunk: I love Spn.

Dean faints
Season 13, right on track :relieved:
What about you?

Dean Winchester :chipmunk:
And I’m between season 11 and 12. I had watch season 11 and now I’m moving to season 12.

Captain Levi is everything.

You’re very close to catching up with it!
And let’s just say season 12 is going to hit you straight in the feels (don’t worry I’m not the spoiler kind) :joy:

Omg I love him! But Eren is my fav though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mikasa and Eren are meant to be, Eren just hasn’t realized it yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am waiting for that day like my life depends on it.
Also, am I the only one who prefers season 1?? :thinking:

Season 2 was kind of all over the place. The beginning of season 1 was a little slow though but I agree. Tbh, I loved all scenes Levi was in lol (which sadly weren’t many).

Yeah definitely a lot less than the scenes he got in season 1, I hope things turn up on the 3rd. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok my favourite series TV are: Strangers Things, Vampire’s diaries, Riverdale, Orange is the New Black
Anime: Inuyasha foreverrrrr​:heart::heart::heart:

You know Inuyasha, right?:smiley:

Stranger things!!! High five :raised_back_of_hand:t2:
Unfortunately I don’t know Inuyasha, but that’s a pretty cool name tbh. :smile:

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Yeah, let’s hope! :relaxed:


Spoiler alert :tired_face::cry::sob::sob:

I just read anime and I can running!

Watch. The. Spoilers. :flushed: