Tv show story ideas 💡

So I’m currently putting down the concept for a story that I’m going to write.

I want to write a reality show story which will be leaning more on the actual experience of being part of a reality show. With more of an „behind the scenes“ kind of view.

The story is supposed to be as interactive as I’m able to make it, with choices, point systems and some branches. The MC‘s and LI’s Gender will probably be choosable too.

What I’m really unsure about is the concept of the tv show or what type of show it should be.
And that’s almost the most important thing.

So I’m asking you guys what type of concept you’d like to read about?

Some (honestly kinda boring) ideas I’ve had:

  • a dating show, which would need to have a huge twist that I haven’t been able to think about until now. Because honestly I feel like those shows get boring really fast and the only points and branches are either with the love interests or the popularity of the main character. So I don’t know, wouldn’t be the best option I feel like.
    I actually feel like romance shouldn’t be the main focus in the beginning since I’m kind of a slow burn type of person myself actually.
  • maybe something like big brother, but again I can’t think of a twist.
  • maybe a shared home of people who want to become „famous“, influencers, aspiring fashion designers/models, actors and streamers for example. Romance could definitely be an option but wouldn’t be the main focus.
  • maybe some kind of competition, but I haven’t come up with what it could be about.

So yeah, if you have any input I’d be glad! :smiley:

Love island is always a popular concept

In my opinion the ones you listed are soo overused :sweat_smile: I know I wouldn’t read a story like that. Except for the competition one. I think this is the one where you can get most creative. For example a survival competition or something? I think that’d be something I’d want to read more :hugs: But of course: it’s your story and you should write what feels best for you! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for your honesty. Do you mean something more like the hunger games? Or do you rather mean something where the contestants get stranded somewhere but can exit the competition „safely“?

You could do a parody of it like Total Drama Island

I meant the second one where they get stranded :slight_smile:

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