TV shows/ movies that are overrated

We all have to listen to the rambling of people constantly telling us how good a tv show/movie is literally the best; when honestly it’s overrated. So share your opinions about shows/movies that you honestly didn’t enjoy as much as others, or liked but they still get too much hype. For example:

Riverdale It’s just not that good, it started off with great potential, but then went off the rails when it went to craziness.
Stranger things Yeah, I cried. I laughed, but it still is shoved down your throat too much. It good: Not the best thing ever.
The Kissing booth If I could get that part of my life back, then I wouldn’t have wasted my time on that very stupid movie.
The notebook Good, but not the best romance I’ve ever seen.

To all the boys I’ve loved before …This makes me feel bad for how hard all the other romance and drama classics worked. Just not my favorite.



I’ve never watched any of these! :rofl: `


I think The Flash is too overrated, according to me (please don’t hate me :persevere:).
I think Black Lightning deserves much more recognition.


Never watched the flash, but I believe you.

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The Kissing Booth
Am I supposed to feel bad for Elle? If anything, I feel bad for Lee…

To All The Boys
It was pretty good, but not the best…

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser
It’s not the best. I honestly didn’t get it at all…

Stranger Things
I didn’t like it that much. It got boring sometimes and I just didn’t get the plot that well…

It was good, just the second season wasn’t. It would’ve been fine if they stopped and just stuck with one season. Also, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK

The first season was amazing. The second season had no actual plot.


I agree to all of the above you just mentioned,
However, even before season 2 of Riverdale started, I feel like they were already starting to get confused with it’s own theme. It started off with normal (ish) characters, and the typical new girl high school thing with a poor person, a rich person and average people, and they had different personalities, and one person is someone you’re confused about but also sympathize with. Then the whole Jason Blossom thing was the problem that came out, which makes it a teen drama because in a small town you’ve never heard about, something bad happened. That was alright and we got to know Cheryl better and all the characters as well. Keep in mind in the start Alice was worried about Betty’s lipstick colour, she was that type of mom. Then there was a whole “Dark Betty” theme 9let me tell you, I really didn’t like that) and all these unnecessary little things, and in the end, Alice is literally a different person altogether. I understand someone’s death can change you, but Jason Blossom doesn’t have an effect on Alice. I know the whole Polly thing made her tough, but she went on a huge character arc without any explanation whatsoever, being a (kind of) supportive mom to Betty. Now I really don’t like it when watching shows that are trying to figure themselves out. I will tell you my favourite character on the show though- it’s Pops. I love his store, his food looks amazing.
Stranger things- Wellllllll, see, I never understood the huge deal people made about it. The acting was good, the plot was alright, these kids were a different thing, but yet it also basically outlines the plot of weird (ish) group of friends in a town (I think no one’s heard about ever) where weird things happen, and they meet a (protagonist/ antagonist, you’re not sure, which you slowly grow to like) This is the same for Cheryl in Riverdale. And then there are these weird uncoverings and all that. I thought season 1 was alright. It didn’t draw me in. But season 2 was basically the aftermath of season 2, where basically Will’s fears happen over again and he’s the victim (again) and all that- I didn’t really like that. Also, I think the most interesting scenes were Winona Ryder’s, because her distressed mom act was very touching. Still, I was also confused when people went crazy over the “Justice for Barb” thing. I had no idea there was so much love for her. Also, don’t blame me, but I wasn’t a fan of the red headed girl (I forgot her name now, sorry). It was just way too sudden and all. And some scenes seemed rushed as well.
The kissing booth- Extremely unrealistic portrayal.
To all the Boys- Oh lord, Noah Centineo, again. I didn’t get the hype with him either. Honestly. (Sorry)
I also didn’t really like the plot twist. it was predictable for me.
Sierra Burgess is a loser- yes, she is. Honestly. She did not deserve that ending. She hurt everyone and didn’t even apologize.
13RW- Hannah’s actions were not justifiable. At all. Watch it and it’s not as sympathizing. Haven’t watched season 2 yet, but it’s because I didn’t like season 1. I feel like the most interesting character of the show was Justin. Also, I felt like Clay role really didn’t make sense at all.
The Notebook- It was touching, yes, but like a lot of movies (Endless Love, Pride and Prejudice, etc, even Anna Karenina…) it shows the same theme and is about loss and finding love, etc, overcoming your fears. It, in my opinion, is an overrated Nicholas Sparks movie.
I recommend Atonement and The Light between Oceans. Those movies are very touching.
Well, it’s not overrated, but.
Okay, I actually wrote an article on why you should give it a second chance, but anyways, I’ll list the good and bad for this:
The show is very easy to misunderstand, and can be entertaining or bland to people depending on their different tastes,
it’s also very easy to start judging, because of it’s themes and use of it.
It had some accidental jokes that were not very nice and did not portray some people the right way.
However, the other points are:
it’s a satirical comedy. yes, the main character is insane, literally, but:

  1. She starts out as the ciche teenage girl who’s fat in high school.
  2. She starts off (ishy) relatable
  3. Her struggles can be seen
  4. She then tries to starve herself. This is sympathizing and shows the struggles.
  5. Yes, she had her jaw wired shut for 3 months and gone through weight loss, but it shows her insecurities.
  6. it’s different. usually, the person goes through some arc where they end up with the hottest boy in school but, (before she had weight loss she was rejected) and the story arc shows no matter skinny or fat, Patty is Patty.
  7. She wants revenge to people who were mean to her. That is understandable. if you were bullied, would you want revenge?
  8. How about if a homeless guy punched you?
  9. This story shows that Patty is self destructive and can’t change herself no matter skinny or fat. It also shows how bad this character becomes in result of her beliefs and everything bad she does.
  10. Honestly, You should give it a chance. I didn’t particularly like it because it isn’t my genre or type of show to watch,

AND! I didn’t mean to offend anyone as these are just my personal views, so please don’t get mad! This was honestly just me expressing my thoughts on popular shows.


In my opinion, any netflix show that is all over social media is overrated. Don’t get me wrong it might be good but it just sets the bar way too high for me. Such as Stranger things, it’s a great show but I found myself not being interested in it for the simple fact that it’s such a big deal to everyone else.



Wow. Thank you.


I’ve actually never watched it. So you wouldn’t recommend?

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Movies and TV Shows which I think are overrated –

  • Wild Child: Sorry, but Emma Roberts just went waaaaay aboard with the character (or I guess the movie did).
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians: You know what I am talking about :expressionless:
  • Titanic: Hate me on this, but I just felt that I wasted three precious hours of my life on this shit, to watch such a massive human creation sink down and go to waste (and also watch Leo DiCaprio die :sob:).
  • The Incredibles: A family of masked undercover superheroes getting a new addition every time. What’s so cool about that?
  • Mission Impossible: I am sorry, but Ethan Hunt always tends to complete the Impossible Mission. How is that Possible?! Such irony…
  • American Beauty: The description would literally make you think, “Oof, another cliche Episode story remake!”
  • Frozen: Like the song says, pleeeeease Let It Go! A mutative snow man isn’t gonna make the storyline any better, Dear Elsa.



I love Once Apon A Time!!!
Confusing but interesting. (My opinion)


I used to when I was younger.

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Well I kinda cried when I heard season 7 was the last! I will just go cry by myself I guess. :sob::joy:


I still love Once Upon a Time!! You’re not alone!!


So a TV show that my sisters love to watch rn on disney channel is big city greens.

The characters are annoying and basically it seems like the show is meant for 4-10 year olds.

Please no one get mad at me that’s just my thoughts and since my phone is about to die I dont have time to write even more


Once Aponers!:joy:


Riverdale: Honestly, not worth the hype. I get so bored watching the episodes. I can’t make it through an episode in one shot.

The Greatest Showman: It’s an okay movie, but not as good as some people claim it is. Well, number one, it’s about a CON ARTIST. Number 2, it makes him seem like an underdog who’s mistreated. The real P.T.Barnum was not a nice guy.


I agree that the real story and movie don’t really match up, but I love the movie cuz of the songs!

I know, the songs are amazing.