TV troubles need overlay/background/script will give credit

Hey can someone please make me a TV overlay, a news channel background, and a script. I want to do a scene where my main character turns on the TV to find out from two news reporters that her bff just commited suicide. Then I would like the TV to turn off. Thanks so much to anyone who can help, I’m new to coding and I’m not sure how to do it. I’ll give credit to whoever can make overlay, news background, and script for that scene. I’ll insert my own dialogue later and I’ll insert my character names. Again thank you so much to whoever can help!!


I can do this for you! If you like my request thread and give me one day. It’ll be done ASAP

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Thank you so much!!! I’ll make sure to give you credit!!! Any name or Instagram you’d like me to credit?

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@QueenMilii_Episode and/or @EpiisodeBackgrounds

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Hey, I’m starting the overlays, but since there is a wall the TV is mounted on or resting by, I would like to know what background your character is using for their living room!

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I would really like this one.

But if that is two hard I would like this one or this one.

Can you do this background for the TV show?

Got it! Thank you I’ll get right on it, but I have one TV background on me by @AlexaEpisode.
This is what it looks like!

If this isn’t okay, then I can use the other ones

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Could you use one of the other ones?my main character is a major tomboy :joy:

Oh okay​:joy::joy::joy:
I’m making a custom one that fits your living room background

Thank you so much!!! I’ll make sure to credit you at the end of the story that I use the overlay and script for!!! Thank you!!!

Is this okay? I think it would be good if you zoom in on this screen and transition the background to the news channel background! It might be good directing, because I don’t really think you can fit people in the tv screen😂

Hope This Helped

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I tried making it as much like the fancy living room, but it’s hard to see what it looks like

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That’s amazing!!! Can you write the script for that scene too? It’s okay if you can’t! Love your idea!!!

yeah no problem!
@zoom reset
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 173 414 to 1424% in 2.5
@transition fade out black 2.5
@zoom reset
You can continue from there!

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Thank you so much!!!

Happy to help!



You can credit either one, or both!

Yes babe :kissing_heart:

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