**tw** - can i use s*ic*de as one of the plots?

Hey there, I’m asking this because it’s a very sensitive topic and I don’t want to trigger anyone.

I’m planning a story and one of the plots is about MC who tries to commit. Luckily, she survives, but can I use it as a plot?
If I can, that’s lovely, but please let me know about more informations.
Same way if I can not use this as a plot.


I don’t think so. It’s probably against guidelines, but I’m probably wrong.


Is there any more information about the plot besides suicide? Now, there has to be a lot of more information for the MC to commit, and why is the MC going to commit? Will the MC have issues with something/someone? Now, this is very triggering, but it has to be more information. Now, you can’t show it, nor give details about the MC going to commit. I think. Hm.

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Ok, I found this:
promotes suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying;
as things you cannot include. So as long as your showing it in a proper context and manner, you will be fine.

This topic is sensitive for me, so I’m not going too far into it, but just make sure it’s accurately portrayed and not a joke.


You can’t show it, but I’m pretty sure it’s allowed as long as it isn’t glorifying it or going into description of how it felt/was like.


Idk how you plan on adding this to your story, but here are the guidelines abt it:

Tw su*icide



Well here are my ideas.

After suffering with family and health issues, MC falls into depression gradually. MC have enough. They decide to end it with pills.
You see, many characters care about MC like LI and friends, she doesn’t see it in the beginning, but she will notice it. MC’s life will become healthy and get a well-grounded career later in the story.

The whole thing about my story gives out an important message. I will go more deeply into this, and tw’s are the first step.

And also, I didn’t plan to be write detailed about her commitment, I’m aware I have to be careful as possible.


Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t but I’m just going to step in here:

That should not be a major plotline. It will bother some, or a lot of people and there would be a lot of trigger warnings needed.

It’s a sensitive subject that has to be executed just right for it to be accurately depicted in an episode story, or any story at all. If you’re not completely, 100% educated on the topic, I wouldn’t recommend putting it in.



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