TW: Feeling Insecure About Weight

Okay, so. I’ve been skinny my entire life and like I really didn’t want to eat so much but now I’m an adult and have been eating a lot. Junk food, fast food, etc. any unhealthy food I mean. And when I noticed that I’ve been gaining weight, I thought, okay, I never expected this to happen before, and like honestly I never thought I would gain weight as skinny as I was. And when my mom told me I have to be careful of what I eat because of Obesity, I was really shocked and scared. Has anyone ever felt insecure about their weight?


For so long I was insecure about it and I’m honestly sure the cause of it but I know I developed an eating disorder. It was only during covid that I started to love myself and just simply not care about my weight anymore. Sure weight can be caused by overeating but there are a lot of other factors as well such as genetics, conditions, etc…

A reminder that your body knows what it needs and if you’re hungry don’t ignore it because your body needs the energy or the nutrients to survive in that moment.

I get severely dizzy and numb if I’m super hungry now so treat your body with care because it cares for you


Thank you, I hope you were comfortable with sharing. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

To a certain extent, I understand where you come from. I’m a heavy eater myself, although I never touched the perimeters of obesity itself, my parents were a bit pushy with my weight :laughing: And then there was peer pressure.

I don’t mean that you need to go into hardcore body building or all that stuff to get healthy, but watching what you eat and drink can sometimes save you a lot of troubles.

Again, ideal body shape is not required (unless it’s what you want, but that’s a different topic), but moderation is key.

Since sometimes you do need to eat a lot to nourish your body, try to do some light exercises while you can. Go for a walk in the park is the easiest option. If you know how to ride a bike, that’s also an enjoyable afternoon activity.

All you really need to stay healthy is to keep moving.


Thank you. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I developed an eating disorder at a very early age because my family (mainly brother and male cousin) would pick on me (mind you, I’ve seen pictures of myself and I was nowhere near ‘obese’.) so, I’ve always had very disordered eating from binge-purging to forgetting to eat for several days

Try to make the healthiest decision possible without restricting the things you eat. It’s okay to eat some junk food and balance that with some light exercises or having one “unhealthy” meal a day and try to make healthier meals more frequently or swap ingredients for ‘healthier’ options. Walking and jogging are good, so are body weight exercises that you can do in the privacy of your house. There are also a ton of fitness channels and whatnot on social medias.

As someone who still has days that I forget to eat and feelings of discomfort in my own skin, take care of your mental health first. Food isn’t a weapon or enemy… it’s just food. Make the best choices you can and remember that you’re human and imperfectly perfect in every way. :slight_smile: As long as you are happy when you look in the mirror, that’s all that matters.


Thanks. :heavy_heart_exclamation::blush:

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