TW for kidnapping - poll

hey episodians!

i reasearch in the forum if there was any post related to it, but couldn’t found it.
what do you guys think:

should we put TW when it comes about kidnapping?
  • yes
  • no

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thanks in advance! :blush:


i don’t personally need it but I also don’t know what it’s like to be kidnapped either so i’d at least mention it :woman_shrugging:


ok, you do have a point… thanks!!!

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what’s TW?


it’s trigger warning


I would say yes for tho’s people who are sensative to things like that but you don’t have too


Thank you, I’m slow

thank you for the insight!

no problem, we have to help each other :slight_smile:

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No problem i dont know if it helped tho

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:slight_smile: You’re right!

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I say yes honestly, some people are sensitive when it comes to matters like this so it’s always best to give them a heads up and add a trigger warning.


I would as kidnapping isn’t something that you hear about every day.

Sure, it hasn’t happened to most people but it still can be triggering or frightening. That’s like saying you shouldn’t put a warning on someone being murdered because none of us have been murdered. You never know if a reader has been exposed to or has a fear of it. If it’s at all of a violent or disturbing nature, a TW is needed.

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thank you!!

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thank you, for real!

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I was wondering the same thing :rofl:

Wym? It happens everyday…

Let me rephrase that: it’s not something you hear about everyday. I’ve personally never had anyone around me kidnapped or had even cases of human trafficking near where I live.

I don’t think most people have, and it’s very common in poorer countries and even in the south of USA.

My mom and many other people I know think it happens a lot because of the amount of media that covers it (AKA availability heuristic). Misinformation makes people in the US think it’s super commonplace in their country when really more awareness ought to be spread to areas to poorer countries that have mass abductions and child labor.


Hm true

Thanks for the clarification