TW: mentions of ed

Ok so this is just a question about eds
TW: mention of ed

ok so basically in later chapters, the mc’s cousin loses her mother. the cousin is getting married. her mom dies before the wedding takes place and becomes very depressed (she’s not motivated to do anything, loses interest in doing her favorite things.) she even considers canceling her wedding. her fiance comes into her room with her favorite meal. however, she doesn’t want to eat the food. she’s not doing it to try to lose weight. she lost her appetite because of the amount of grief she’s experiencing. could this still be triggering to others? is this too heavy?

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You could possibly put a warning in the beginning of the episode just to be sure

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I don’t think it’s too heavy considering I’ve seen countless instances in stories where characters don’t feel like eating because of emotional tolls, but it may become heavy if the loss of appetite continues for too long.

Either way, like the reply above me said, it won’t hurt to add a warning anyway.


okay thank you for letting me know!

in the story she does think about going to therapy but then ends up going booking an appointment


Change in eating habits is a symptom of MDD (major depressive disorder, which is the diagnostic term for depression), so it is distinct from an eating disorder. But many people may have had experiences with depression that they don’t like to think about, so adding a warning such as “this story contains a depiction of depression” wouldn’t hurt.

It also might not be a bad idea if you think the depiction might be better for readers 15 or 16 + instead of 13 + (I have seen age ratings in-game before), although depression can hit as young as 13.

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thank you

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