TW // portraying an ED?


hey so my story has a main character suffering from an0rexia (i’m NOT romanticising anything!!! at all!!! the LI doesn’t “save her” from it either. there are also TWs.) to portray her body dysmorphia, i have a scene where she’s in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. i created a plus-size twin for her (that will match whatever the reader customizes her as, except with a Long Double Chin face.) and an overlay so she’s looking at a bigger version of herself in the mirror. but as i was proofreading, i realized… is this insensitive to plus-size people?? there are trigger warnings and stuff, but i do not want to make anything offensive at all. feedback pls? ty xx (also i’ve gone through the forums, everything says that having EDs is okay if you don’t romanticize it. plus i’m pretty sure there was an episode featured story with a main character who had an0rexia?? her name was tess but i dont remember what the story itself was called)

I don’t like this. Ppl w eating disorders don’t necessarily see themselves as larger than they r or ‘fat’ (that’s a horrible word, never use it) n in this context ur making it seem like that. Most plus size ppl r totally happy in their own skin! u need to portray her afraid to eat… fearing that if she does, she’ll loose the approval she gets from society in her small body. Also, not all ppl who go thru ED r skinny anyone can experience this. I don’t wanna speak for plus size ppl but I think sum could find this offensive. Pls don’t add it, it’s not realistic.


thank you for your feedback <3 i know most plus size people are which is awesome bc everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel good about themselves no matter what their weight is, i wasn’t trying to come across as offensive & i’m very sorry. i am portraying her as afraid to eat, ive done a lot of research on this topic and i come across a lotttt of stuff abt body dysmorphia, especially from people who currently suffer from an0rexia, so i thought it would be ok to put that in, thank you for offering your opinion, often when i am working on smthn its hard to step back and look at the bigger picture lol i’ll take this out, thank you so much have a good day xx

Thanks, u weren’t offending me but Ik plus size ppl n that stereotype is offensive. I recommend showing her looking at her size & being afraid to lose it. Showing her not feeling enough until she’s vomited her food. (I had a friend who went thru this so yeah)


ohh yeah okay i will. thank you! <3

I would first research as much as possible for writing a ED when you haven’t been through the experience of having one. I would offer warnings/skip options and leave sites on where they can get help if they are going through something similar. You should also have sesitivity readers check you haven’t included anything offensive or triggering. I agree this is something that I think would/could offend people. Although quite a few plus size people are happy in themselves this would say to them that people are afraid to look like them. And not everyone has an ED because of they don’t like how they look. Some have it because of stress and other reasons. I watched a soap on tv and although she ended up not liking what she saw in the mirror it wasn’t just because she was afraid of being fat. Try to handle this with care and maybe try bluring out your post in case someone accidentally clicked on this post and gets triggered.


i blurred the post, thank you for the suggestion! also in the story itself, there are TWs and i’ve censored certain things that might trigger people.
i have done a lot of research about ED, both articles and i’ve read about people’s experiences with it, and i removed the mirror scene so there’s no more bigger version of the MC, thank you for your feedback <3

I also want to add the story that featured a ED. People hated that story it included choices on the way to recovery. Like skipping meals or eating which is totally the wrong way to go about it. Something you want to touch on in recovery is that you need to be careful on how people react. Don’t make anyone force the MC into getting help as it can cause an opposite effect. Also maybe add something in at the to educate people on ED as well as the sites to get help. This should be skippable if you decide to add it.

oh really? i didn’t know, i read it a long time ago, but i’ll make sure not to do anything like that at all. also, i thought i would add hotlines and stuff at the end of every episode, like a “resources” thing or something? i’ll put in some more stuff to educate people + websites, thank you <3

This is a topic on the story I think you were referring to or at least something similar. As it deals with eating disorders but was poorly executed.

This storyline caught my attention. I don’t mean to go off topic but what is the title or when’s it releasing?

whoa! omg that is absolutely awful! fortunately, i’ve never read it, or even heard of it. the story i was talking about wasn’t mainly centered on an ED, it was a romance story but later on in the story (near the end?) it came out that the MC had an ED, and that was how she’d lost so much weight over the summer (she’d been bodyshamed for years and snapped i think?) but yeah her name was Tess or Tessa, it was definitely not as bad as the one you linked me to

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i’m not 100% on a title yet but i’ll let you know when it’s released! it should be within the next two weeks or so

Thats great, I plan on reading it when you do. What’s your episode name, so I can follow you?

yay thank you so much! it’s letitallburndown.xx

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This right?

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uhhh the screenshot won’t load, but i’ve got a story called “aesthetic avatar creator”

ugh this dumb screenshot. and okay then I followed you a few minutes ago :00fidget:

cool thanks!

I think the title is bad boy’s girl but I went to the app to find it and it was no longer available :neutral_face:

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