Twelve: [temporarily closed ✨] Molly and Thea’s R4R thread!

Hello! Thanks for creating this thread! I would also love to do a r4r with you guys too!


Isabella has been assigned as an undercover agent to arrest a crime lord. With a materialistic, rich, and arrogant bad boy as her partner, can she succeed? [cc]


Password: jolly

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@orangeweedie I’ll add you to @molly247 list!
@episode_katherinee I’ll pop you on my list :)))

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Hi and Thank you for this thread. I would like to do r4r with you
My Ig name just in case : @Kikyo


Genre: Drama

Style: Limelight

Author: Kikyo

Status: 25 episodes (more coming soon) Nearly Done

Description: When Taylor moves to “THE HILL”, She is thrown into the world of Lust, Lies, Betrayal, and Seduction.
Throw in a bad boy, you got yourself a complicated situation.

We are currently full, so we can’t accept atm

It’s okay thank you anyway.

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