Twenty one pilots thread! ||-//


Here is a place to talk about the new album and their older ones! No haters, please. I just want a place for everyone to chat and have fun! With of course the fun of figuring out the easter eggs hidden in the videos! What is your favorite era? I love to know your opinions about them.


HELLO!! im here!


What’s your fav Twenty One Pilots song?


Heathens is my fav.


Ah, so hard mine is going to be Ode To Sleep. It illustrates them so good as a band.


My name is blurry face… and I care what you think.


Have you listened to Levitate yet?


Not yet, I’ll do it now, is it new?


Yep came out yesterday!


Ohhh! I love them!! <3


Ah, favorite band. I have like 3 shirts that I got. I wish I could go on tour.


Same… :\


my favorite song will forever and always be house of gold!!


Choosing only one song is so damn difficoult, but I think I’ll go with Stressed Out


When I saw this thread, I was like, “All my buddies Heathens, take it sloooooow-mooo.” LOL sorry…


Lol. What about out of the recent singles? Have you guys kept up with


My favorite song is probably Nico And The Niners. I would die for TØP.


Same. Nico and the Niners are probably going to be my favorite on trench. It is so hard to pick so though.


I was at a Panic! concert recently, and when it was a quiet part of the song, I shouted “I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”


Ohmygosh a dream. I haven’t been to a concert because of how broke I am but it sounds so fun!