Twenty one pilots thread! ||-//



Man I really love tacccoooo beeelll




I love this skeleton clique :joy:


Same here. Good, wholesome, family :clap: friendly :clap: alternative :clap: content

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Love CrankthatFrank


Every time I go on YouTube I end up watching his videos




After listening to the album over and over again, I decided on a new order for favorite songs

  1. Leave the City
  2. My Blood
  3. Morph
  4. Pet Cheetah
  5. Legend
  6. Neon Gravestones
  7. Levitate
  8. Jumpsuit
  9. Chlorine
  10. Bandito
  11. Nico and the Niners
  12. Cut My Lip ( Sorry Tyjo!! )
  13. The Hype
  14. Smithereens




ooh thanks for showin’ me this
i’d have to say my favs are Morph, Pet Cheetah, My Blood, Legend, Neon Gravestones and Bandito


he has a new album out? oh wow…

all i listen to is heathens, and stressed outtttttttttttt, and hm…i need to listen to his other songs. I came addicted to his music when i watched Suicide Squad


I’ve watched Suicide Squad just to hear their song, but it was just during the credits at the end :sob:


Yes, they have a few albums, Blurryface, Vessel, Regional at Best, Twenty One Pilots (self-titled) and now Trench.


I went to see it in theaters and boy was i disappointed!



Also, has anyone tried the thing with the “immersive experience” by the duo and Spotify?


The what?


So what I saw Spotify and tøp made something not completely sure how to properly describe it. So I’ll give you the link :joy:


Oh my god. That looks amazing


I haven’t found the best time to finish it. But, I bet it is pretty fun and exactly how Tyler Joseph imagined Dema.