Twin pram overlay


hello i was wondering if anyone can do me a twin pram like this
but with it the other way round


Here ya go



thank you


is there anyway you can make it a bit bigger because when im on the portal its coming up tiny


You can resize it :slight_smile:


You have to use scale


okay thank you


It would be greatly appreciated if someone could make the hooded figure an overlay. I’m desprate.


have you tried findinding them on google


No actually, I didn’t think of that. Thanks for the suggestion though.


dont worry about it


@annielove and @JP.episode please refrain from using overlays you find on google. Most of the time, they’re copyrighted. Instead, I’d recommend just asking Episode users. There are websites that are public domain, but I can’t think of any right now. Point is, don’t use google images or overlays or anything.


Ok thanks! :slight_smile:


But just to clarify, we can’t use png images from google?


Oh okay