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Welcome to @Laney.episode and I’s Art shop!
Just a warning we are still in High school meaning we do have a schedule! So please let us know when you need it! We are usually pretty good at getting it to you! We are both also creating our own stories so that takes some time too. We can make splashes, backgrounds, covers, character edits, and art scenes. Also if you are looking for an overlay I can help you with that as well! If you have directing problem or have questions we can try and be of help with that too!

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1: Be polite please!
2: Tell us all details asked for (given below)
3: One request at a time
4:Credit us @Madaline.Episode @Laney.episode


1: What kind of art you are looking for
2: Drawn or regular
3: When you need it
4: Background
5: Character details (If you have characters)
6: Positions of charaters (again if you have them)
7: Additional details (images,props, etc…)

If you have any questions please be sure to ask! We will do our very best to help you out!

Below are the request we are working on at the moment! We will keep this up to date for you guys!
We are currently taking requests!!!

Request List

@420doves - Art scene
@TamiRose - Art scene
@Writer_SA - cover
@Epy.Ashlxy - art


Of course I will get to it! Woudl you like the piture of him like the example I have or bigger?

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Okay! I will get to that! One more question do you want him to just be like you have him oir do you want me to draw him?

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Yes of course and is that his position too?

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Okay! I will be done shortley!

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Is this good? I can make adjustment if not be honest. :smile:

Yep of course!

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Here you go!

Of course not a problem! :heart:

Hey @Madaline.episode, are you still taking requests?

If you are I was wondering if maybe you could draw a character riding a motorcycle for me? I wanted it to be transparent, like an overlay. So I can put the overlay on a looping background and make it seem as if the character is riding. If that makes any sense lol :sweat_smile:

It’s in INK and would look something like this:

But with the motorcycle kind of in motion and it’s a male character.



But without the helmet and if you’d like you can draw it. Edited is fine if you can do that too lol.


I’m not home so I can’t give you his details right now. I just wanted to know if it was possible :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey I am sorry for getting back so late!! I have been a little busy latley, i am a little packed rn with drawings but depending on the time frame I coudl do it for you!

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Thanks! :revolving_hearts: I don’t really have a time frame (as long as it’s somewhere in March I’m fine) so whenever you’re free is fine.


Okay but sound good! If you want you can send me the detail or I will let y Unknow when I am ready and tell me then either is fine for me.

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I can let you know the details when you’re ready because I might change his outfit and etc. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds good!

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LL splash
No strong words or slangs used
Before april
Eyes: deepset downturned, green emerald
Eyebrows: arched thick styled, dark black
Nose: grecian
Mouth: Red gloss, Full heart pouty
Skin: neutral01
Hair: long bang short hair, dark black
Soft heart
Eyes: deepset downturned, blue aqua
Eyebrows: arched thick styled, jet black
Nose: grecian
Mouth: Rose gloss, Full wide
Skin: rose02
Hair: short wavy asymmetrical, jet black
Round face

, getrude

Angry, shouting at each other

On the floor

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Hi, I am looking for a drawn splash.

Background: INT. ON ROCK CONCERT STAGE - NIGHT but I want it a little blurry so that there’s more focus on the main characters.



Light skin, seductive round brows, blond fishtail braid, toffee upturned bold eyes, oval face shape, elven nose, and ruby red, full round lips.
Clothes: Simple vine dress (peach), little bow heels (peach), and black rigged motto jacket.


Caramel skin, thin arch brows, fawn boy bun, brown stoic almond eyes, defined triangle face, button nose, and toffee uneven lips.
Clothes: ripped punk pants, shirt (white), skater guy black sneakers, and cool leather jacket.




I want the characters to be on stage (in the center).

Words: To be Continued…

Thank you :slight_smile:


We will get to your Splash As soon as possible, jus one question do you want it drawn?

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We will get right to your splash! Do you want it drawn?

Yes, please!

Thank you :slight_smile: