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Can I use the Gym background? Ill give credit. I would just need who I should give it too.


Sure thing! Just credit me @Laney.episode!

Okay thank you

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No problem!

OML I just realized you already said that lol I am so sorry. :joy:

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Hello! I work with Maddie and I would be happy to help you! I am about to get ready for school but it is Friday so I can get started tonight! If you would like to give me the details I would be happy to begin as soon as I can. :smile:


Okay thank u!

Hey girls!! I’m currently in the process of writing my first story (eek!) and would really love some artwork to use as in introduction/background to use at the start of every episode. All credit will be given to the designers at the beginning of every episode. Please contact me when you have some spare time to do it, and I will send through my request. If you don’t want to do what I am asking, no problem!! I understand that life can get in the way sometimes, and respect your decision, no matter what it is. Hope to hear from you soon!
-KitKat :slight_smile:


Hi, I hope your still doing request, I’m new to this site and still trying to figure this all out so if you can draw me a cover, that would be awesome, but first, I need you to tell me what details about my character I have to tell you about

If I could have those two characters in a dark ally way or something like that, standing back to back, holding guns, with an angry expression on each character, that would be awesome, and I definitely will give you credits (I want them to be drawn). Thanks, Bye! :kissing_heart:


Sounds great! I don’t mind if you or Maddie decides to do it :blush:

1: What kind of art you are looking for:
I wrote most of the details of the request on an earlier post:

2: Drawn or regular If you think you can draw it well like the girl sitting on the motorcycle then I’ll have it drawn. If you think it’s easier to edit it like the boy on the motorcycle then it’s fine like that too. I’m not too picky lol.
3: When you need it I’ll be working on the scene soon. Is 1 - 2 weeks a good enough time span?
4: Background I wanted it to be transparent, like an overlay. So I can put the overlay on a looping background and make it seem as if the character is riding. If that makes any sense lol :sweat_smile:


These are just the motorcycle overlays that I have. You can use other ones if they’re easier. But you’d need to give me the overlay of it afterwards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

5: Character details (If you have characters)

His Details & Outfit

Body - Honey
Eyebrows - Medium Sharp
Eyes - Classic Round (Black)
Lips - Uneven (Taupe)
Nose - Button
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Hair - Short Cropped Hair (Fawn)

Ripped punk pants
Tank top (white)
Skater guy black sneakers
Casual suit jacket grey
Aviator sunglasses (can you do one without the glasses and then one without)

6: Positions of characters (again if you have them) He’s riding the motorcycle. It’s in motion. Not sitting still like the girl example.
7: Additional details (images, props, etc…) Aviator sunglasses (can you do one without the glasses and then one without) Nothing else that I can think of.


Alright! I will let you know if I have any other questions! Thank you for all of the details, I work pretty quick, it should be done this weekend! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello your request is being taken!! for character details, we would like if you could say the body,hair,eye,nose,mouth,face shape and colors please!!

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Hello there!! I would excitedly take your request!! Leave the needed details listed above please!!

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Okay! Thank you so much!!

Avatar One:

Body= tan

Hair= Beach wave; Auburn

Eyes=Upturn Bold; Brown

Nose= Soft Natural

Mouth= Classic; Ruby Red

Face Shape= Oval

Avatar Two:

Body= Tan

Hair= Unstyled Faux Hawk; Green

Eye= Athletic Round; Taupe

Nose= Button

Mouth= Classic

Face Shape= Defined Triangle

Thanks again, good luck! :blue_heart:

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Not a problem!

Hey! I am finished with them!

Your Art

They do have a transparent background, let me know if you want me to make any changes !

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@Laney.episode, you’re amazing! I love it! I’ll definitely give you credit when I use it! Thanks so much :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::revolving_hearts::relaxed:


You are so welcome! :blush: