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You are so welcome ! You can credit me @Laney.episode !

Of course not a problem! We will get it as soon as possible!

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Guess who’s back?! I just couldn’t help myself!! I’m back with a much simpler request. Once again with no particular due date, preferably by April, but that’s still a while away. This art is just an ending scene, as I have a start one (all thanks to you girls!)

Just a regular, with this character:

Standing to the left (facing right,) with the words ‘To Be Continued’ to her right. I would love either a pastel blue background or a rose petal background, depending on your girls’ opinions on which looks best. I trust your judgement and look forward to seeing future art from the both of you!!


Of course! We will get right to it!

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Alright, here is your art request! If there are any errors or changes you would like me to make feel free to let me know! :grin:

Your Request

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ahem anyways! what should i credit you at when i put it in my story?

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okay thanks

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You are so welcome! You can credit me @Laney.episode

Hey girl I am done with your request did you want a title on it?

Did you mean fixed my heart just want to make sure I get it right!

No that’s okay, again, thank you so much

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Hey hey! Sorry it took so long, I have been a bit busy. But here is you art request!

Your Art Request

Let me know if you need anything :blush:

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Here you go!

End scene art

I did a gradient of the two colorsyou wanted :smile:

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Hey I just want to make sure, you want the characters upsidedown ?

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Of course it is not a problem!
Here it is if there is anything you would like fixed please let me know!

It awesome,great job. :blue_heart:

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Thank you , i am glad you like it! :heart:

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Hello, I love both of your art and am looking to request! :grin:

1: What kind of art you are looking for:
An overlay of a limelight male riding a motorcycle.
2: Drawn or regular A regular edit would be great!
3: When you need it 1 week would be perfect.
4: Background A transparent background since I would like it to become an overlay.

5: Character details (If you have characters)
LL Details:

  • Rose 00
  • Furrowed Straight S (Black Dark)
  • Medium Side Curls (Black Dark)
  • Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Brown Light)
  • Chiseled Angular
  • Straight Pointed
  • Full Lower Lip Sharp (Fair Rose Matte)


  • Hoodie Blazer Cotton Blue Navy
  • Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford
  • Thick Round Rim Glasses Plastic Black
  • Minor Faced Watch Leather Grey Black
  • Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Blue Cerulean

Overlay to use:


6: Positions of characters (again if you have them) My character is leaning forward on the motorcycle like he’s riding it. :motorcycle:
7: Additional details (images, props, etc…)
Oh and could you watermark the image when you post it then PM me the original? That would be awesome, thank you so much!


We will get to it!

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