Twitching light command


Hey! I’m trying to make a scene where a girl is in an elevator and when a light twitches a man comes behind her :p, do you know how I should do it? Thank you for your attention!


Do you want the man to suddenly appear between the light flashes? Like, will it go dark, then light and he’ll stand there? You could use transitions or overlays depending on the effect you want. Feel free to message me about it! :smile:


Yeah! That’s what I mean! Can you help me with the commands?



A quick solution could be something like:

@transition fade in black 0.25

@transition fade out black 0.25
&CHARATER spot xxx
@transition fade in black 0.25

@transition fade out black 0.25

And then you can add pauses and transitions and change the durations as you please :woman_shrugging:t2:
If that’s not what you’d imagined, could you message me explaining how you want the scene to play out visually? :sweat_smile:


thank you so much!


No problem! Let me know if you have more questions :hugs:



Thanks for the assist! Closing topic :slight_smile: