Twitter Tweets/Trash/Stories...Fun or Otherwise

What are some of your favorite things on Twitter?

Do you follow anybody on Twitter?

What’s some funny stuff you see on Twitter?

What’s some primo Twitter trash you’ve seen?

What are some great Twitter names?

Why do you or don’t you have Twitter?

I got Twitter in January, 2017 because I wanted to follow Donny J. My Amazing President Trump!! #MAGA #KAG I stayed because I liked some of the funny things he and others said to him. I started following other politicians, like Ted Cruz after I voted for him in the midterms, and some media people that I really like, like sinatra_says and whatnot.

I usually mind my own business and just like some stuff and read some stuff often. Well, Donny had tweeted something a little earlier about our military. God Bless America. And I looked at some of the comments. The first one was some lady saying that Trump doesn’t care about America because of something he said after 9-11. So…for once, I commented. Put her in her place. Suddenly, got a couple of followers and stuff, which surprised me. X’DDD

So I’m curious of any Twitter stories you guys have.

Also, I just saw a brilliant Tweeter…whatever you call a person that uses Twitter, and their name is NPC6969696969 X’D!!! X’DDDDDDDDD X"DDD XD And this person says a one-liner, and then ends it with “orange man bad”. X’D

I’m starting to really like Twitter. X’DDDD


I don’t use Twitter since I rather not stalk celebrities or follow the news. And you can also follow people on Facebook, that’s good enough for me. :sunglasses:
But I guess I will never get how a female can like Trump… Not trying to start anything, I respect your point of view. :sweat_smile::wink:

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This thread might get closed for violating TOS, but for the record I love twitter :joy: probably my favourite social media out of them all.

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Twitter is gross and probably the worst and the most useless social media

I sometimes look up ‘scary’ story threads or games, other than that I usually troll people and get suspended for harassment :flushed:

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LOL! I don’t know how to troll very well, I think. I’ve tried it, and idk, something weird about it.

Any fantastic stories??

The reason I stopped FB is because I get harassed on there by a specific douche canoe, and don’t wanna deal with him as much ^^ He’s blocked but I still get notifications, I’m just like ??? But oh well ^^


Can I ask why? Maybe I can clear it up for you a little -.^


Hmm nothing in particular, it’s just the funny videos or memes I see on the daily lol but there’s definitely some golden story time threads on there

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Um…these Forum rules? Or something else…?? Am I missing something here? X"DDDD

One of my threads got shut down real quick for this reason ^

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Sometimes my trolling fades into harassment but people say the STUPIDEST sht on Twitter, sometimes I just stop and tell people “hey, this is actually wrong asf and here’s why” no one cares, trolling gets more attention.

If I have nothing left I’ll just reply weird or drunk photos of celebrities and wait for their fans to attack skjdjdkdks

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How can someone you blocked still annoy you? :confounded:
Well, I don’t think that Trump treats women with respect from what I heard. Again, I really do not follow the news much. :sweat_smile:

:thinking: Hm…plugging or advertising…I didn’t think I was doing that for Twitter, X’DDD

does this seem like plugging/advertising? Doesn’t seem like plugging/advertising to me, idk I just want to share stories we’ve heard from Twitter X’DDD

I’m 100% here for it, I think it’d probably be a problem if we shared links

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some people on twitter are trash let’s be honest. :joy:


Haahaha!! That’s why I like Twitter, honestly. It is just a ton of laughs!! X’DDDDD

Good dang question…lol >.> And yeah, media likes to make up stories about people ^^ Don’t believe everything you hear ^.- Cause people will do literally anything if they can villify a right-wing person ^^

Then I won’t share links! X’DDD

Truth. It’s just a laughing bin, though ain’t it??? X"DDD


I’m on what people like to refer to as “black twitter” so I’ve only encountered hilarious content :joy:


I’ve had twitter since 2012 (correction, since 2011), back then it was basically my online diary. I’ve had lots of fight/arguments with my ex-classmates, which was entertaining in so way.

Whenever I see my emo tweets I cringe.

My favorite things nowadays on twitter have to be the lame memes, millennial humor & slang.

I have a k-pop twitter account so I follow mostly fellow k-poppers.

Just like how others read newspapers, I scroll through my twitter timeline.

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Ooof! Emo tweets X’DDD Aren’t you glad “it was just a phase [mom]?” X’DDD

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I don’t have it, but the memes are gold

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Did someone say gold memes??

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I have the earphones meme with Pacha

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