Twitter Tweets/Trash/Stories...Fun or Otherwise

I don’t use Twitter since I rather not stalk celebrities or follow the news. And you can also follow people on Facebook, that’s good enough for me. :sunglasses:
But I guess I will never get how a female can like Trump… Not trying to start anything, I respect your point of view. :sweat_smile::wink:

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This thread might get closed for violating TOS, but for the record I love twitter :joy: probably my favourite social media out of them all.

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Twitter is gross and probably the worst and the most useless social media

I sometimes look up ‘scary’ story threads or games, other than that I usually troll people and get suspended for harassment :flushed:

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LOL! I don’t know how to troll very well, I think. I’ve tried it, and idk, something weird about it.

Any fantastic stories??

The reason I stopped FB is because I get harassed on there by a specific douche canoe, and don’t wanna deal with him as much ^^ He’s blocked but I still get notifications, I’m just like ??? But oh well ^^


Can I ask why? Maybe I can clear it up for you a little -.^


Hmm nothing in particular, it’s just the funny videos or memes I see on the daily lol but there’s definitely some golden story time threads on there

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Um…these Forum rules? Or something else…?? Am I missing something here? X"DDDD

One of my threads got shut down real quick for this reason ^

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Sometimes my trolling fades into harassment but people say the STUPIDEST sht on Twitter, sometimes I just stop and tell people “hey, this is actually wrong asf and here’s why” no one cares, trolling gets more attention.

If I have nothing left I’ll just reply weird or drunk photos of celebrities and wait for their fans to attack skjdjdkdks

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How can someone you blocked still annoy you? :confounded:
Well, I don’t think that Trump treats women with respect from what I heard. Again, I really do not follow the news much. :sweat_smile:

:thinking: Hm…plugging or advertising…I didn’t think I was doing that for Twitter, X’DDD

does this seem like plugging/advertising? Doesn’t seem like plugging/advertising to me, idk I just want to share stories we’ve heard from Twitter X’DDD

I’m 100% here for it, I think it’d probably be a problem if we shared links

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some people on twitter are trash let’s be honest. :joy:


Haahaha!! That’s why I like Twitter, honestly. It is just a ton of laughs!! X’DDDDD

Good dang question…lol >.> And yeah, media likes to make up stories about people ^^ Don’t believe everything you hear ^.- Cause people will do literally anything if they can villify a right-wing person ^^

Then I won’t share links! X’DDD

Truth. It’s just a laughing bin, though ain’t it??? X"DDD


I’m on what people like to refer to as “black twitter” so I’ve only encountered hilarious content :joy:


I’ve had twitter since 2012 (correction, since 2011), back then it was basically my online diary. I’ve had lots of fight/arguments with my ex-classmates, which was entertaining in so way.

Whenever I see my emo tweets I cringe.

My favorite things nowadays on twitter have to be the lame memes, millennial humor & slang.

I have a k-pop twitter account so I follow mostly fellow k-poppers.

Just like how others read newspapers, I scroll through my twitter timeline.

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Ooof! Emo tweets X’DDD Aren’t you glad “it was just a phase [mom]?” X’DDD

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I don’t have it, but the memes are gold

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Did someone say gold memes??

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I have the earphones meme with Pacha

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I gotta make a meme to post on Twitter. Put a #MAGA hat on him X’DDD