Two Animations in one line of dialogue

Hi, please help me figure this out.

@MUM is cough AND MUM does it while talk_sit_ leanback_neutral.

Mum is sick and is sitting up on her bed, she starts to cough which prompts her daughter who is visiting to tell her to rest and wishes her goodbye.

I have previewed it and Mum stills stands up to cough. What coding should I be using?

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You’ll have to spot the mother to be in the correct frame for when you want her to cough, then re-spot her when you have her lying down again.

Will that make her stay on the bed when she coughs?

She won’t as it’s a standing animation. You’ll just have to be clever and zoom onto her upper body so it looks as if she is coughing while sitting in bed.

Ok thank you, that makes sense.

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Does anyone know how to do two animations? Like they character is doing one animation, then moves on to the next, without me having to put a new line of dialogue.


@CHARC is ANIMATION THEN CHARC is ANIMATION. It will only work if the animations are both standing up ones.

Sorry we must of both answered at the same time

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It’s okay!

Thanks to both of you!


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