Two animations in one speechbubble?


I saw in a story someone was saying something and then in that one speechbubble, instead of having 1 action, it was 2 in the space of one. Does anyone know how to do this?


&CHARACTER is (animation) THEN CHARACTER is (animation)
before your speech bubble with no animation added.


I’ve tried it before but it finishes the first action I’d like it to be the first action only has half of it and so does the second action x


If there aren’t pauses between actions, the character will skip one. I would recommend the above answer but write it with:
THEN pause for 2
then write the next action

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You need to see how long it takes the first animation to reach the place you want it to stop and be replaced by a new animation. Let’s say that the animation takes 1 second and you want it to stop playing after 0.6 seconds. Your script should look like this:

Enter text here.

It’s important to use the “starts” command here and know when you want the animation to switch. I used this method several times and it works perfectly. Good luck! I’m here for any questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you so so so much!!!


No problem, I’m glad I could help :grin:


Thank you so much for this. It works. lol :blue_heart: