TWO authors had their stories removed from the app and we need explanations

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room. TWO authors got their stories removed due to something called “unauthorized internal code.” @baechulgi and @tanyaepisodeauthor it could probably mean that a (very dumb) reader decided to hack the episode app and use illegal gems to spend on certain stories, or it could mean something else. Now, you might ask, why am i addressing this situation, those aren’t my stories. yeah, but NO ONE knows who’s turn will be next. it could be my stories, your stories, your fav author’s stories. EVERYONE!
we need some real, clear answers from the Episode team talking about this. we need to know what they meant by “unauthorized internal code”, how we can prevent such situations, why they are punishing innocent authors that 100% didn’t hack their way into the payment and/or decided to add illegal gems, and how we can fix this situation fast because this can EASILY end the episode app if it happens to bigger authors. May I remind you that some of us are working very hard to open the payment and reward ourselves for writing great stories? that and i’m not going to mention the authors who already opened the payment and are at risk of losing it because of this gem thing.
this situation is very demotivating for many authors, including myself, because i could write my best story and yet have it removed due to a glitch or just some dumba** reading with illegal gems. @Tory i only know you from the forums, if you can help, that would be great. and for you reading this, if you know any members who could help us too, please mention them. we need to act and fast.




Thank you for making this threat this is getting insane


Hi @Tory I know this may be a bit irritating but I got to bump this thread. And its really concerning that the authors who out their heart and soul getting punished over a glitch or some idiot spending gems illegally on their stories. If you cannot help us, please point us to the right person. Thank you for your time.


It does make sense for them to remove the story from trending to investigate just because it’s definitely possible that an author would abuse this if it went unchecked. However you’d think they’d have a better system, if they can tell when gems have been gained illegally then why can’t they remove the gems from the counter? Or track who did it and platform ban them?


Well episode never clarified to the authors what the unauthorized internal codes were nor where the gems where spent illegally. So none of us have answers to these and are waiting for episode to give us clarity on this.


thank you so much for this thread, Gerr! i’m so sorry to the authors that have been affected. just know we’re fighting for you! nobody deserves this, unless they’re the ones in the wrong. i just don’t understand why they’re punishing AUTHORS instead of conducting a proper investigation (i’m not sure what other word to use here, lol) to determine who’s responsible. DO BETTER!

and @Tory, if you can help or can forward this thread to anyone that can, please do!


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I understand needing clarification and a better solution than “hey let’s just delete your stories”. I’m assuming “unauthorized internal code” is referring to illegal gems but that’s only speculation. I agree that Episode needs to fully explain what happened. But telling an author where illegal gems where spent or who spent them isn’t going to change a story’s statistics or put the story back up.


I have never heard of unauthorized internal code, but if I am correct

Each gem should have a specific code for example (D08372938)

D would be the unique number or letter (in this case) that acts like a security code which in turns most likely tells Episode that the gem is authorized and legal.

So gems that in the example do not have that unique security code would be classified as unauthorized, illegal and results in a ban and a violation of the user agreement


i definitely agree that there should be an explanation, but unless they know for a fact that the AUTHOR is responsible, i don’t think the story should be removed at all. i agree that it’s possible for authors to do this as well, however episode should be able to tell who is spending these “fake” gems on what and where they come from, and the fact that they can’t and are placing the blame on innocent authors is horrifying to think about.

what sucks is if this happened to a bigger author in the community, i bet this would have already been resolved. :v:t2:


Most of the cases involving authors is about the gem issue, so basically yeah, illegal gems

Spam accounts on Instagram that showcases Episode’s logo and reel with genuine Episode Ad, but replace words with “Get 100 free gems” maybe are the result of that because the gems aren’t issued and just mimic a gem code without the security code, if my guess is right


'Tis quite crappy and tbh a dick move to punish the author and not the illegal accounts, but of course it’s easier to ban the author than to spend man hours finding the illegal accounts and removing them from the platform thus the half-as**ess :walking_woman:


BUMP! We need answers!


Yes! Just to clarify: I’m not saying stories should be removed from the app. That’s a terrible solution. And Episode should definitely be able to tell where the illegal gems came from and get rid of that account. And I’m definitely not excusing Episode here, removing stories and blaming authors is a poor and lazy way of dealing with the situation. I just don’t want a blind faith in every story, any case should be carefully investigated before coming to a conclusion regardless of author size.


i completely understand that, don’t get me wrong–but my biggest thing is the easiest way is not always the best way. there should be protocols in place so this can be avoided as a whole :\


Thank you for making this thread @Gerr.episode it’s so so important!


Exactly it isn’t


This is such a devastating issue for all the authors who are investing their blood and sweat on their stories, some authors who are going unnoticed and to top it all off, some unauthorized internal code and shiz occurring is just so not fair. No one knows what’s that code is and how could they prevent it. I could only imagine waking up to the notification that your story is taken down and it’s literally worse. Getting punished for some unknown reason is literally a hell. Hopefully we’ll find out what’s behind this and episode team, please resolve this before some other Author gets targeted by this.


ah i understand, i wasn’t trying to say you were taking episode’s side or anything, i’m just incredibly frustrated with this whole thing as everyone else is. i’m worried for what this could mean for community authors.