TWO authors had their stories removed from the app and we need explanations

Support! Episode needs to hold themselves accountable, because while this is technically legal, it’s still not right. They’re almost asking to lose a big chunk of the community because of things like this.
We need transparency.

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Yes, its not any other reason.

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I have only just started writing stories on the App recently but this thread is making me rethink whether I want to go forward with it… If you can sink weeks worth of work (on top of a full-time job) into these projects only for them to be removed (ie. destroyed/erased) without any warning or explanation that is extremely disrespectful to the user. It shows a complete disregard for our time and how users are contributing to the success of the App. Very concerning…

EDIT: After fully reading the thread I Support the idea of developing a system that can search the code of each chapter for unauthorized code before posting so that it cannot be posted and this issue (so far as unauthorized coding) can be avoided. Otherwise, for a temporary fix, notice should be given.

In instances of code used for cheating I can understand being more firm. But there is still the possibility of an account being hacked without the users knowledge. I guess in this instance the best way to investigate this would be looking at direct messages, revision history, and IP addresses of log ins for any unusual activity. That is harder to know for certain, though.

I do find it curious how someone mentioned a handful of the targeted stories were LGBT (which makes me consider the hacker angle/them being targeted).

Either way, I am very sorry for any authors who are genuinely innocent and have been affected by this situation. It breaks my heart to think of all of that work and time and care being lost.


I feel the same…, I was coding my story at this exact moment and just wanted some help so i headed over here (The Forums)… But reading this is REALLY dis-motivating… The time, effort, Money literally everything . And This is just depressing… Being a university student and taking out time, sacrificing sleep just to get every line perfect…, Anyways, I really hope Episode would look into this otherwise this is just a pure MESS


Commenting again to say this…

For any authors out there that are worried this will happen to them, make sure to back up your stories! Use Google Drive, Word, or use a similar document software. Don’t write your story in the Writer’s Portal. (Sounds a bit contradictory to the name, but I mean it.) On the chance that your story is taken down or your account is removed, you’ll still have access to your work and can post it elsewhere.

If we want Episode to listen to us, we need to come together and make sure our concerns are actually being heard. We saw what happened when the animation update was released; most users stated their concerns with it and Episode fixed the issue.

Edit: Apparently, Google Docs is feeding people’s docs into their AI and claims to have the rights to users’ files. (Very shady practices…)


I agree, however they could have checked IP addresses for the portal when they logged in, and messages in regards to the coding, which apparently they have been sent screen shots of the messages concerning the code…

It’s sad this has happened to them and their hard work, but if they have evidence against one at least in regards to messages sent that’s kinda damning …

They don’t necessarily know what the code was they used even today, but episode must have the evidence it was them and no hackers :woman_shrugging:t3: they won’t even share what the code is that was used, or and example of what to look out for…


the people need ANSWERS


Thnks for sharing the great information

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