Two Bugs, One Post

  1. Every time I upload a new overlay or background, I have to refresh. The last new background I uploaded, I had to refresh three times and it still didn’t work, so I had to close out the portal entirely and then reopen it. (I had decided if it didn’t work then, I’d just reupload it, but it worked at this point.) This isn’t a problem I’ve previously had.
  2. Weather effects don’t work in previewer, but they do leave my preview screen looking glitchy. I don’t have a photo, but white flashes will appear on the screen at random or little white lines will go up the screen.

For the refreshing thing every time you add a new background/overlay, that’s new because I’ve been working on my stories for a few years now, and I haven’t seen that until recently. Idk why it makes us refresh every single time now–when that wasn’t even mandatory before!!

I have the same problem! For me, I’ll see these weird pink or green spots if I use rain or snow. That went away a few weeks ago, but now I have the random line thing too. They aren’t damning or anything, but hopefully these issues get patched :sweat::crossed_fingers:t4:


I’m not sure about the second thing but I’ve noticed the first thing too and it’s VERY frustrating. Maybe if we all bring this up to episode, it will get changed.

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Hi there @lostintranslation, please let the support team know about these issues by sending them a help ticket :smiley:

  1. Totally understandable. It always works on one refresh so it’s fine by me.

  2. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but there was one day it started to work. On my laptop. I really don’t know why​:woman_shrugging::joy:

That second one didn’t bother me too much. I even made a joke on my insta story about wanting to keep the glitch effect, but then I added in a gif and it was like flashing screen situation bc of the rain effect haha

I wouldn’t say having to refresh the page when uploading new backgrounds, overlays, is a glitch. That’s just normal because your episode story doesn’t process the new content. When you refresh it, it should already have the uploaded background.
My question is: did you make sure the background was already uploaded when you refreshed the page? It might take a few moments for it to upload after pressing submit due to internet connection.

:arrow_up: What I noticed is that up until recently, when you modified an outfit that was already in the script, and you saved and previewed, it would say “outfit changes saved” with a green floating message. Now, I modified an outfit I used in the script and I had to refresh because the change wasn’t showing on the previewer.

:arrow_up: For me, if I use the Guide Box, aside from the normal green box I see red lines or purple or blue, etc. random stuff on the previewer. Another thing is if an overlay takes a bit longer to charge, I see white coordinates charging on the previewer :joy:
I didn’t know this with the weather effects, but I tried now and for me it looks normal. Maybe it’s like that for you after saving and previewing a lot?
When coding for hours, I make sure to refresh my page or exit and reopen it so that the system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

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Yes, I make sure to wait a few minutes. I don’t do anything until it’s dropped down below with the brown banner. I’ve never had this issue before and I’ve been coding for nearly 2 years.

Outfits won’t update for me either, I noticed last night, which is something else I’ve never had an issue with until now.

It happens at random to me. Sometimes it’s after I’ve been coding a while and sometimes it’s the first time I click preview.

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i guess the platform is overwhelmed with too many users.

normally that green little box should appear at all times.

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I know the box to which you refer. It just isn’t working on mine.

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